How to Make Pollen from Miraculous LadyBug


No Sew Cosplay: Rick from Rick & Morty


Wubba lubba dub dub!

Wig:  To achieve Rick’s odd hairstyle, a wig like the one pictured above is perfect~ Not only are there no bangs to worry about, but using a teasing brush and some hair spray you can achieve the spikes fairly easily, the wig fibers are thick and the reviews are all positive.

Lab Coat: Rick is almost always scene wearing his trade mark lab coat and one just like this is perfect. You could also pick this up at a uniform store. The actual lab coat is fairly thin fabric wise. A perk with this coat is that the sleeves are already shorter than your long sleeved shirt will be!

Shirt: This long sleeved shirt matches closely in color with Rick’s trademark one~

Belt: For Rick, you’re going to need a black belt with a golden buckle such as this one pictured above~

Pants: Rick wears not only slim fitting brown pants, but they are also shorter than they should be to fit correctly, exposing his socks. Make sure to either get too short of pants for the length of your legs or you could simply fix it with a bit of trimming and sewing if you want. These pants that I purchased originally have a long shipping time, however, so be aware and purchase a different pair if you need them in a more timely matter.

Flask: A common item to see our Rick holding, is a flask filled with alcohol. Yours doesn’t have to have alcohol in it but one just like this should be perfect and relatively cheaper than ones you would find in Walmart, though they do sell them in the Camping section of your local Walmart.

Shoes: I would recommend looking at your local thrift store for some professional looking shoes on the cheap side. I would definitely go with some dress shoes, however, as they would look better than a pair of tennis shoes for Rick as he is a Scientist.

Now that you have everything you need to be a drunk brilliant mind, grab your nearest Morty and head out on some crazy adventures!