No Sew Cosplay: Emi from Hataraku Maou


“Who might this be?” You can’t possibly have forgotten the name of Emilia the Hero!?

Emilia is probably one of the easier cosplays you can do with regular clothes. In fact, her entire outfit is really just business professional attire. But getting the right stuff will still make a huge difference. The great thing too is all of this stuff can be used outside of cosplay for multitudes of things.

Undershirt: A lot of undershirts seem to require a white dress shirt like this one here. Nothing special about this really.

Vest: I liked this vest (below) in particular because the buttons are placed off center like Emi’s. My only worry is that it seems a tad short and you might have to button both buttons to get the same affect. There’s an alternative however, in this vest in the light grey color or “mocha” as it’s referred to.


Bow Tie: I think it’s adorable how Emi wears her bow tie. I found one here that closely resembles the color and style. The only issue is that you will need a gem added to the bow in the middle. If you can’t make it over to a local crafts store to figure out a good match, these gems should work alright as they are just a little over an inch long. You will have to hot glue the gem onto the bow, however. Of course, I’m breaking my own rule here, you could also sew those particular buttons on.


Skirt: The skirt is pretty easy and at the same time difficult to find. There were only a few that I really liked color-wise. I liked this skirt (top) as well as this one (bottom) but I felt the former really had the correct fabric for the outfit and the colors seemed to match more closely to Emi’s skirt.


Shoes: Toss on some regular black high heels and you should be good to go! I always recommend getting ones that either have a chunky heel or some sort of support built in. I read the reviews on this pair which seem to be mostly positive on the level of comfort that they afford. Since you will be most likely walking a convention floor, I’d recommend going for comfort over style even.


Wig: You will undoubtedly need a wig to pull off the look. I always recommend Epic Cosplay because their wigs are super high quality. This wig in Dark Red should do nicely. You will need to use some hair gel to slick up a strand which should be easy to do with a wig. You will also need to braid a band of hair so that it will be on your right side. You might want to also curl the ends of the wig a bit to give it more body.

Now make either of these faces at the convention and you will be super convincing! After all, you got to make sure that Maou sees you as the hero and no one mistakenly makes the claim that you’re dating.


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Wreck-it-Ralph Vanellope

No Sew Cosplay: Vanellope Von Schweetz from Wreck it Ralph


What’s that? You wanted me to help you cosplay Vanellope? Your breath was so bad that it made my ears numb! Honestly I thought this cosplay would be way too difficult to pull off without some major sewing. However, they actually do make some skirts that could work.

Hairpieces: I didn’t think it would be possible to find these pre-made. Fortunately multitudes of people on Etsy have made this a reality. This set of Candy Hair Pins was the most reasonably priced one that I found and they also made the licorice hair tie! Make sure that you read their directions, however!

Hoodie: This hoodie is actually easy to find and won’t have you shelling out a ton of gold coins from all of your races to get it. You will need one like this (below) and then to simply replace the white string with a pink string you could get from the crafts store or die the white string a pink color with fabric paint. Simple, right? There is also this one here that is a lighter teal color but is men’s size so order smaller. If you want to break the rules on “no sew” you can also thread a pink string through the fabric in two spots above the pocket for extra detail points. It’s actually possible to buy this pre-made on Etsy as well with the sewn in pink strings above the middle pocket.


Skirt: Here is where I did not think I would have any luck finding this at all. A Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Style skirt? Surely they don’t even make those… Surprise, surprise, they actually do make double layered pleated skirts and I managed to find not one, but two different ones in brown. This one (pictured above) is my favorite, however, as it’s truly a dark brown color. The price is also reasonable while it’s on sale bringing it down to $42 when it used to be $100 more than that. The material IS leather so the pricing does make sense. However, if that is STILL outside of your budget there are alternatives such as this skirt (pictured below) though I was not a fan of how light brown this option was.



Leggings: Here is where we run into some expense if you are going to flat out just buy these without any sort of modifications. Some well done leggings for Vanellope are priced at well over $50. I don’t know about you but this seems outrageously high to me. My first instinct is to make them myself and take the idea that this person on Etsy had and make it my own. The first thing to do would be to get some white leggings and some spray paint instead of airbrushing it. Then using some tape, mark the stripes correctly after placing the leggings on a mannequin or a rolled up tube of cardboard or poster board to retain the shape.

These guys have the right idea:

I recommend making sure to match the blue color to your hoodie and pay attention to the direction of the stripes, however. That’s super important! Even if your hoodie is a tad too bright blue, if your leggings match this will be perfect still.

Shoes: I’m pretty sure that Vanellope is wearing a type of rainboot with a pink sole to it. I found ones with laces here (pictured above). You might be able to find taller boots which will make you hopefully appear a bit shorter. I found some on ebay like these though they are in limited sizes.


Makeup/Wig: This awesome youtube cosplayer shows how to do the makeup for Vanellope, making your life easier! She also takes other steps for the rest of the cosplay that you could consider as well. There are no right and wrong ways in cosplay, really! If you don’t already have the right hair like she does, I suggest a wig like this one~

Now you are free to run off to the convention and make fun of everyone there.

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No Sew Cosplay: Mavis from Hotel Transylvania


You’re not quite Daddy’s little stay-at-home girl anymore! In fact, you want to go out and see the entire world! Especially Haweewee!

Vampire Teeth: I would honestly not be a fan of wearing some thick plastic vampire teeth throughout the entire time you are at a convention. Particularly because a lot of talking can happen at a convention. Instead, how about just getting the fangs? The good thing is these also have mostly positive reviews. I know anything I would be sticking in my mouth should have tons of positive reviews. Plus side is that reviewers also said you can also drink with them on. It isn’t recommended to eat though according to most reviewers as the lifespan will drop.

Long Gloves: To pull this cosplay off you might have some difficulty finding extra long gothic sleeves that are fingerless. I know I did! It wasn’t so much the fact that there weren’t any. There are. A lot of options in fact! But finding ones that were sheer, black and had only one loop around a finger just like Mavis’ was pretty darn difficult. Hopefully these made-to-order gloves on Etsy would be perfect!


Shirt: Fortunately, these are easy to find! I recommend paying attention to the length of the shirt, however, because you need to wear it like a dress. This particular (below) shirt also runs small. It is slightly sheer, so you will need a black shirt underneath to help. An alternative would be this shirt though no reviews are written for it yet. EDIT: Also found this one.


Cape: Not a requirement but you could always get a vampire cape to help your costume recognition along. Of course, from what I remember, Mavis wears a very short cape which is kind of hard to find so you might want to go with a kid’s size like this one. EDIT: I found a cheaper one here!

Tights: It’s super easy to find tights like Mavis’. In fact, I found several different versions. My favorite were these however as the red is not too bright and the black is a little faded. These are pretty thin material wise so I recommend making sure that your shirt is long enough or wearing some short black shorts underneath.


Converse Shoes: Converse shoes are super easy to find, but make sure you get ones that are like these which are a lot closer to what Mavis is wearing.


Makeup/Wig: You will need lots of eyeliner, mascara, black lipstick, etc for Mavis. A short black wig like this one should be all you need! You might have to trim the bangs of that particular wig.

And now you’re free to go see what Humans do at a convention! Holy Rabies! Holy Rabies!

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FLCL Cover 2

No Sew Cosplay: Haruko from FLCL


I am actually not familiar with FLCL nor it’s characters. It’s one of those manga that I attempted to read a few times but never really got into. Following up on a request, I will break down how to cosplay as Haruko from FLCL!

Goggles: I’m really a super fan of these goggles that I found on Amazon since you actually get two out of it, and the smokey version looks perfect for this cosplay.


Undershirt: If you don’t already have one a long sleeve white shirt should be just fine.

Sleeveless Jacket: Probably the hardest part to find of this entire outfit, Haruko’s sleeveless red zip-up jacket can be an impossible challenge almost unless you know where to look. I searched for a few days and finally found this one (below). Now, if the size is too large for you, since it is labeled as a plus-size you could always then take it in some but this would make it a “sewing” cosplay versus a no-sew. Either way, you will need blue fabric paint to add the details of the rectangular shapes on either side of the jacket. I did manage to find some that had a closer shiny material to what Haruko has on but then you sacrifice the length. Example would be this jacket. I’ve seen a lot of cosplayers using material that is not shiny, however, and no jackets for sale are made out of anything remotely shiny so this should be okay to miss detail wise.


Scarf: If you don’t already have one, any long white scarf like this one should be fine for this cosplay!


Gloves: Though not quite long enough, these gloves (below) I thought had the perfect look for this cosplay. Unfortunately, they are also very pricey! After some searching, however, I found some gloves that are comparable to those here though I have never bought from the site before.

Leggings: Make sure when purchasing faux leather leggings like these that you pay attention to the sizing! You can order your size or above and they should fit nicely according to the reviews.


Platform Boots: Fortunately these are super easy to find and I tracked down a pair very quickly. Depending on your size, you can also pay very little to get these boots while boots are typically fairly expensive. I also prefer these to costume boots as the quality is bound to be there for the amount you are spending. Remember, cheap comes out expensive especially with shoes. Alternatively, these are on sale but have a limited amount of size choices.


Wig: Now you should be able to style and toss on a pink wig!

And there you have it!

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Noragami Yukine

No Sew Cosplay: Yukine from Noragami


Are you tough to handle? Maybe a moody teenager? Then Yukine might be a good cosplay for you!

Undershirt: If you don’t already have a simple white t-shirt lying around then one like this will do.

Jacket: With this cosplay I saw that a lot of people are making beanies and jackets to look like Yukine’s outfit but the better quality jackets can cost you a pretty penny. I found Yukine’s jacket for sale on an Etsy store called RedStarCosplay. At $55 this isn’t actually that expensive comparably to some other prices I found. But I also found an actual bomber jacket on Etsy for sale that matches the same look that Yukine has here. On sale it is actually less expensive! On Ebay, however, this same jacket can run from $60-$100. If you purchase the bomber jacket I recommend using fabric paint to put the details of the white lines on the tops of the arms and middle of the hood that Yukine has. I also found this one as an alternative though it does not have orange/red lining throughout.



Jeans: Yukine wears some pretty standard dark jeans typical of a teenager. I don’t recommend going out of your way to make sure they are 100% perfect as older jeans would probably look more realistic but these jeans are the right color if you are looking for a new pair or don’t have any on hand.


Tennis Shoes: These Vans Old School Skate Shoes should be all you need to pull off the Yukine look! It’s hard to find a good image of Yukine’s shoes that he is wearing while he has the green jacket, but they are black with grey/white sides.


Wig: You should be able to spike a wig like this one up to complete your look if you don’t already have short blond hair! This one already has layers which should make the task a lot easier.

And now that you are done, you’ll have to put up with a lot of insane things that Yato is doing. At least you have Hiyori to help keep you sane though, right?

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Noragami Cover

No Sew Cosplay: Yato from Noragami


Hello! Thank you for calling! Fast, affordable, reliable Delivery God Yato at your service!

Bandanna/Scarf: If you are wanting to cosplay as Yato, first and foremost you will need his trademark bandanna. A scarf like this should do nicely! Just look how fluffy it is! Now… All you will need to do is fold it in a triangle, tie it and then proceed to fray the heck out of it using scissors and any other sharp utensils lying around to make it look beat up as heck! Don’t go too crazy and just do it a little bit and be careful not to create strands that could unravel if pulled accidentally. Either way for this particular scarf you would have to cut off the strings on the ends.


Undershirt: Though not noticeable really, but Yato is wearing a white shirt underneath of his jacket.

Running Jacket: It’s difficult to find a running jacket with only one white stripe. While on the pricey side, I found this one that is also Puma branded. The jacket itself is definitely high quality and given a lot of stars plus the jacket can be used after the fact instead of just for the convention. If the logo bothers you, taking some fabric paint to it might be necessary.


Running Pants: Fortunately, there are pants that exactly match the jacket here with one white stripe. Again, one white stripe is really hard to find when you are looking for it and these were all I could find that were also noticeable enough to make it worth it.


Knee-High Boots: Unisex or men’s knee-high boots are super hard to find that are anywhere close to what Yato is wearing. I recommend searching on Ebay to find some good deals. I found these leather knee-high boots in a size 6M (picture above). If you are a woman doing this cosplay you could get boots like these instead (picture below). Also, though they are limited in size choices, these Attack on Titan boots have a nice price point! If all else fails you, check the nearest thrift store to see if you can find a pair at a reasonable price!



Wig: All you will need to do is style a short black wig like this one and you are good to go!

And that will be 5 yen please!

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Scooby-Doo Daphne Shopping

No Sew Cosplay: Daphne from Scooby-Doo


That jacket with that skirt? Hm… Ready to become Miss Fashion herself? Daphne Blake is a deceivingly simple cosplay. There are two ways I recommend going about it to make it the easiest on you while still ending up looking fantastic! There are two different ways to go about this just like with Fred, so I will break down the Zombie Island version and the traditional outfit as well.


Headband: This is part of Daphne’s traditional outfit but she is wearing it in almost all versions besides the first four direct-to-video. I recommend getting it regardless of which outfit you are attempting because you will be more recognizable. A headband like this lavender one.


Scarf: A light green chiffon scarf should do nicely for the traditional version of Daphne Blake.


Undershirt: Only needed if you are doing the direct-to-video version of Daphnie. A green tank like this should be perfect as you only see the very top portion of it.

Dress Suit: If you are going with any of the first four direct-to-video outfits for Daphne, she is wearing a lilac dress suit. It is a very difficult thing to find unless you are looking in the right spot. I suggest Etsy and Ebay if these items are no longer available, and using keywords like these (lilac, periwinkle, lavender, dress suit, blazer, pencil skirt). I found a periwinkle vintage dress suit (above). The sizing is very specific, however and I’m not a fan of the bottom piece being almost like a dress. It will make it very difficult to get the right undershirt even. Not to mention that sizing is restricted and color looks off. Fortunately you can find other versions of this on Ebay. I personally played around with the idea of getting a blazer and skirt separately. For example a blazer like this (below) and a pencil skirt like this. This is the route I would take if I was doing this cosplay.



Dress: If you are doing the traditional outfit for Daphne you will instead need a purple dress like this one. You could use fabric paint to create the designs Daphne has on hers. Learn how to use Fabric Paint here.


Tights: If you are going for the traditional version of Daphne, then these tights should work nicely.


Shoes: The shoe color should really match with the headband if you get one. I found these penny loafers that have a slight heel to them. They are a bit light in color, however. An alternative would be these loafers with a larger chunky heel.


Wig: A red wig like this one or this one should work if you don’t already have the hair for Daphne. I have not purchased from this company before but their wigs have fantastic reviews across the board.

And now that you look like Daphne it’s time to get dancing on over with Fred to the convention!

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Scooby-Doo Fred Jones 2

No Sew Cosplay: Fred from Scooby-Doo


Surprisingly, Fred Jones has a number of different outfit choices. Almost more than Daphne! They are often in the same color range and while he does have his trademark one with an orange ascot, more often than not this piece will be missing. As the Zombie Island version of his outfit is the easiest, I’ll focus on that one but also break down his traditional outfit and how to cosplay with that one too! So let’s catch us a good cosplay! Also maybe a monster or two…

Ascot: This is not needed if you are doing any of the non-traditional versions of Fred’s outfit. This one should do nicely if you don’t have an orange ascot lying around anywhere. If you are worried about not being recognizable with the direct-to-video movie version of Fred, you could also purchase the ascot in addition and have it as a back up to add to your outfit.


Shirt: Whilst on Zombie Island, Fred was dressed more like he was ready for a safari. His shirt of choice was this type of shirt. A short-sleeved button up dress shirt! This shirt is probably his easiest version to find which is why I prefer this version. If you want to go traditional, however, get a polo shirt like this one and use some fabric paint in order to make the collar blue. I was turning blue in the face trying to find a white shirt with a blue collar that happened to have long sleeves and this short sleeve version was as close as I could get.


Safari Vest: My favorite outfit of Fred’s isn’t traditional by a long shot, but I really like the safari vest that he’s wearing. It’s actually designed for either fishing or photography, which makes sense given he’s operating as Daphne’s crew man in Zombie Island. This piece is not needed if you are going with the traditional Fred Jones outfit.


Brown Belt: This is only needed if you are doing the Zombie Island version. A simple brown belt should be good enough.

Pants: I see a lot of cosplayers wearing slacks for Fred that are loose fitting and it looks really bizarre. I personally think that Fred Jones would be more likely to be wearing jeans like these in any of his reincarnations and I think this would also look a lot better. Regardless they will look better than anything these guys are wearing…


Shoes: No matter what, Fred Jones seems to be wearing a pair of brown loafers. The exception is actually Zombie Island where he is wearing a pair of casual dress shoes like these ones (above). Otherwise a pair of light brown loafers (below) should be fine. I would think either of these you could find in a thrift shop for a lot cheaper though!



Wig: A short blonde wig like this one should do nicely!

And now, if you did it all right, it’s time to split up gang!

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