Theory about The Evil Within Story Line

evil within

Recently I went back and watched The Evil Within Playthrough that Markiplier uploaded on YouTube. For those of you who aren’t huge Let’s Play fans, I will tell you that Markiplier makes games fun even if you aren’t a huge fan of the game in particular. Myself? I love Horror Games and anything in that Genre and I am a huge fan of the older Resident Evil games so The Evil Within has been something I had been looking forward to playing as soon as I heard it was being Directed by Shinji Mikami. Unfortunately, my current systems don’t support the game but I didn’t realize it until I had already purchased the game on Steam. Disappointed, I tried to save up but just never could seem to afford a PC that was good enough to play the game. That’s where Markiplier’s awesome Let’s Plays come in!

A lot of people though seemed to have some mixed opinions about the Gameplay and particularly about the story line. Everything in the story is extremely subtle, however, so I think that this is a legitimate claim. After listening to some theories and revelations about some of the game, I think I have begun to have a firmer grasp of just what was going on.

Be Warned! Major Spoilers Ahead for the Game! 


You start out The Evil Within as the main character, Detective Sebastian Castellanos as he and his partners Detective Joseph Oda and Juli Kidman are called to the scene of Beacon Mental Hospital. Now, things seem weird right off the bat. There’s no one on the road besides your group which is bizarre for as large and expansive as the city as Krimson seems to be. When they hear the radio call from the first responders at Beacon, there is a static feedback that both Detective Sebastian and Joseph react to but Kidman seems immune to. This really hints that this beginning scene, the entirety of it, is all part of Ruvik’s World already. Meaning that, from before the game even starts, Sebastian and the others are already hooked up to the STEM system, and we really don’t know just yet how exactly that came to pass. This is further supported by the fact that later, once they are inside the Hospital itself, Sebastian sees Ruvik moving and taking out the guards on the video recording. This would be impossible as we later learn that Ruvik already had his brain removed and plugged into the STEM system and we know that this took place a while back, as Leslie was already hooked up to STEM and managed to escape the first time.

This explains why everything changes so fast when Sebastian blacks out the first time. He’s already in Ruvik’s world and everything around him can change to Ruvik’s will, as we later learn that he is the only one that can create things in the world.

But how and why did Sebastian get involved and just why on Earth was he hooked up to STEM in the first place? I have two theories about that but only one of which I think actually is true. The first theory is that everything in the beginning of the game did actually take place, but slightly different. In other words, Sebastian and the others did originally response to a call for backup for something taking place at Beacon Mental Hospital on a smaller scale and got too close to what was really going on before someone knocked them all out and hooked them up to the STEM, hoping to get rid of them and further their research. The only two I could think of that would benefit from this would be the Doctor, but since he is also hooked up, this seems unlikely. Why would he hook himself up to STEM knowing what he knew about the chances of escaping and Leslie being the only one to have done so? In the first DLC we learn of a secret group that Kidman works for, Mobius, and I believe it is more likely that they are the ones responsible for hooking them all up to the STEM system.

The second theory that I have is that Sebastian’s search for his missing wife and the culprit behind the fire that killed his daughter leads his investigation toward the Beacon Mental Hospital as his wife was reportedly investigating into the STEM project. Most likely, she got too close and Mobius, the organization that wants to use STEM against humanity, decided to warn her off by burning down their house. Of course, it might or might not have been intentional to kill their daughter. Regardless, Sebastian becomes unrelenting in his search into the truth behind what caused his wife to disappear and what killed his daughter. He must have started to get close to the truth and Joseph unknowingly ends up causing problems as he reports Sebastian’s drinking to Internal Affairs. I also believe that Internal Affairs might have some moles, as it seems that they want him to stop and to cover up the whole affair. I believe that Kidman was also on their team to keep tabs on Sebastian and make sure that he doesn’t get to close to figuring out what was really going on. Her working for Mobius is revealed in the DLC packs as well.

Now the only real confusing matter is the ending. I’m sure more will be revealed to me about this when I watch the DLC: The Consequence. But having not watched a Play Through of this yet, I believe that the ending is actually part of the real world. Sebastian waking up the last time, smashing Ruvik’s brain and then escaping the Hospital I believe to all actually be real. Police cars arrive and see the carnage left behind which I believe to be Mobius covering up their tracks now that the mission is almost complete and they almost have their end goal: to get Leslie out of STEM. Though I don’t think that is where their goal ends. Having only seen the DLC: The Assignment, I believe that they want Ruvik to be inside Leslie before he is taken out of STEM because in the real world he will be able to have control over people’s perceptions and minds like he had in STEM. This is alluded to by Sebastian seeing Leslie leaving the Mental Hospital but no one else noticing him and also by the fact that Sebastian still experiences pain in his head before Leslie vanishes from sight.

The Evil Within_20141108032930

I’m looking forward to watching more from Markiplier so I can see the DLC’s and see if anything that I am theorizing at this point in time is correct! Thanks for reading, folks!


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