5 New Worlds I Would Love to See in Kingdom Hearts 3


The long awaited Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming out and all I can think of is what new worlds that Sora and the gang will be visiting. With so many possibilities after the acquisition of Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars, it’s hard to think that Disney won’t take advantage of something like that and bring it into the mix this time around. Of course, ultimately it has to work for the story-line (though one could argue that Atlantis/The Little Mermaid brought absolutely nothing to the table in KH2). But at this point everything is just speculation. However, these are the brand new worlds that I would personally love to see in KH3 when it does finally come out!

Toy Story: When you think about it, this is a golden opportunity. Toy Story has a lot of possibilities story-wise as the story could follow one of the three movies, or be a completely new and unexpected timeline. Sora and the gang could come in shrunk down to the size of toys and essentially have to follow the same rules of dropping down and pretending to be an inanimate object when people enter a room. I personally would love to see this world mostly because of the strong characters from the movies as well as the essentially limitless direction and the potential for mini-side missions. Of course, I don’t mean just plugging in eyes for Mr. Potato Head. Not to mention the possibility of toys having hearts and light and darkness creeping in when a toy is abandoned/given up.

Big Hero 6: I’m pretty much passing out just thinking about this. It would be absolutely amazing to be able to incorporate the strong, emotional rollercoaster that was Big Hero 6 into Kingdom Hearts. You already have a set-up for something amazing right there not to mention that the animation would be pretty much seamless with the game. Big Hero 6 has a huge potential here as well when it comes to the original storyline, as you are essentially defeating a masked villain that uses small little microbots to do his bidding. What if he had heartless too? Just saying. Not to mention that Sora and the gang could switch off with who they are paired up with, attempting to help each of the Big Hero 6 to work together and get better at their heroics. Plus. Baymax=Awesome!? I can just imagine him trying to do a scan on Donald Duck… And also diagnosing Goofy with brain damage! Guardians of Light? You’ve got like, 6 right there!


The Incredibles: I just can’t say no to this idea. The Incredibles would be a pretty awesome story to incorporate into Kingdom Hearts. You have a main villain who was corrupted because his hero didn’t pay him the attention he thought he deserved? That’s pretty much heartless material right there. Not to mention that the potential for Sora, Donald and Goofy to be mistaken as Superheroes would be pretty awesome. Think about it too… This could be the first world that they go to and Sora can get set up with an all new wardrobe courtesy of Mrs. Hogenson! One of the Incredibles could even have or be one of the Guardians of Light?


Princess and the Frog: Yeah, I know, this isn’t one of those movies you automatically think would be fantastic to make a complete world out of but when you think of it, this has a great set-up to be a Kingdom Hearts world. You have Dr. Facilier as a villain who could easily have connections to heartless and the darkness. It’d be easy to drop Sora and the gang in to the world though whether or not it would be all that much fun to play as a frog fighting with a key could go either way depending on the controls. As long as it’s not a repeat of Atlantis though, I’d probably be good with anything as long as it’s as expansive as a world as I can envision it.

Inside Out: It’s pretty much brand-spanking new and probably isn’t involved in this project, but it is definitely something that would be fantastic to explore as a World in Kingdom Hearts. The mind of a little girl being plagued by darkness and then helping her emotions (Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear) to put a stop to the heartless and nobodies before they take over her heart would just be a fantastic concept all around. Not to mention that I would really super love it if there was a way for Bing Bong to be your companion fighter and for you to be able to ride on that wagon and have Sora sing the song. If someone hasn’t already thought of this, I don’t know what is wrong with them!


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