No Sew Cosplay: Hiro from Big Hero 6


Arguably probably one of the easiest outfits you could do while also being the most challenging to find is Hiro Hamada from Big Hero 6. If you are wanting to cosplay as him, your budget will probably love you but if you are trying to find specific pieces in the store, you could spend hours wandering around and not finding that blue zip-up hoodie you swore you saw in the store last week.

Hoodie: Fortunately this is a very very easy thing to find online. While I did find a hoodie that more closely matched the look Hiro has with the de-stressed fabric, it unfortunately had a rather large yellow logo. Life is Good unless you slap that logo right on the chest area guys!?  WHY! I did, however, find this gem here that is pretty accurate in terms of color.


Shirt: Now, a plain red t-shirt is one thing, but one with that robot design on it is going to be impossible to find unless you purchase it from someone who specifically makes it, or do it yourself. This fantastic person on Etsy has already done the work for you and is also not charging an arm an a leg for the shirt at all! Wow! They’ve even got a Fred version here! Plus side is that, like the hoodie, it is an item you can rewear by itself. I recommend getting this shirt in a size bigger than you normally would to give you that short kid vibe.You get extra points if you wear a long sleeved white t-shirt underneath but as long as you don’t remove the hoodie, this is not a requirement at all.


Shorts/Pants: There are a few ways you can go about doing the pants. You definitely need to keep the length so that it makes you appear shorter. If you aren’t that tall you could probably easily get away with normal shorts, however, like the ones here. If you are tall then the best thing would be to stick with the length like these cargo shorts.


Shoe Laces: Pretty self-explanatory for these but since they can be hard to find in a store here you go!

Shoes: These again are pretty darn easy as converse shoes are still pretty popular. If you are looking for a pair though you can also purchase them online here! They are unisex and available in many different sizes. Now strap in your yellow shoe laces and you are good to go!


Makeup/Wig: Now if you are a girl playing this part, most likely you don’t have super thick eyebrows. Best thing to do is to use a black eyebrow pencil and thicken your brows up then use either liquid eyeliner and make small strokes on top to make them look like hair or to highlight your existing hairs on your brow with mascara. Keep your skin tone even and look up tutorials on how to make your lips look less full by putting some foundation on the edges and you are good to go! Don’t forget to style your hair like Hiro has it or get a wig and style that.

And if you did everything right and you look like Hiro Hamada, you are now ready to kick butt and take names hero style!


Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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