No Sew Cosplay: Luke from Professor Layton

One of my first actual cosplays that went well was my Luke cosplay back in 2010. I was in Japan studying abroad at the time at Kansai Gaidai University and for Halloween they did a Costume Contest. I had just started getting into Professor Layton and one of my friends was tall enough to cosplay as Layton so it was absolutely perfect. We weren’t recognizable at ALL without each other though, so I highly recommend that you go with a partner for this one.


Now, at the time I found everything at thrift stores and even the hat in the grocery store which surprisingly worked fairly well. But if you have time in order to do this cosplay, it’s best to do it right!

Newsboy Cap/Hat: First things first, getting the right hat really makes this cosplay or breaks it. I made the mistake of getting one that wasn’t quite accurate the first time. A proper newsboy cap is what you really need to pull this cosplay off fantastically.


Undershirt: The great thing about Luke is that he has a variety of different outfits all with a very similar look and feel. If you can’t find the right sweater, just make sure that you have the right undershirt so that you can pull of a different version. The undershirt is fairly simple and this one would do just fine. If you want more accuracy, you can always paint the buttons a darker color.


Sweater: Finding a light blue v-neck sweater was actually not that hard at all! My recommendation is to get a size that is a size bigger than you normally wear. Remember that you are cosplaying as a little kid and you want to give yourself the appearance that you are smaller than you really are. EDIT: The Sweater posting has ended so THIS is an alternative.


Suspenders:  Pretty straight forward. You’ll need some ordinary brown suspenders for the look we are going for with the sweater which will dangle down sticking out from under the sweater.

Satchel: This brown satchel bag (top) should do nicely, but if you want a different style it won’t be as noticeable if it is a little off. I found this awesome medic bag (bottom) that isn’t 100% accurate but that I would probably use again.brownsatchelcanvasbagPants: Luke’s pants are an almost army green color which makes this a little bit more difficult. I’d like to get shorts that went past my knee a little to make me look shorter. I found these ones here that might work depending on your size. I recommend going above your size only slightly, as these are actually men’s pants. Research what size you need before purchasing! Remember your suspenders are going to be useless here and you don’t want to have to use them just to keep your pants up!

Socks: Pretty self-explanatory. I recommend getting some knee high white socks and rolling them down. This can also help you make the illusion that you are shorter depending on how far you pull them up but don’t go to crazy here!

Dress Shoes: To pull off the time period, you are definitely going to want to use dress shoes here. My recommendation is to actually go to some thrift stores for these and look in the men’s shoes department. Often you can find some that are black men’s dress shoes with your size pretty quickly. While points for accuracy might be good, I would favor not trying to find a pair that has a gap where the sock is visible and then a strap. These ones were pretty close so what I could picture for Luke. But if you want to be sure to get the proper shoes, they also make Mary Jane shoes for men (the reason why I link to men’s shoes is that they can be worn by anyone for this cosplay, so not as to exclude anyone).


Makeup/Wig: It’s a great idea to look up how to make yourself look younger. There are tons of youtube video makeup tutorials that can show you the best ways to cosplay a little boy. My recommendation is to go light on the brows (no makeup at all) use a lot of eyeliner on the top of your eyes and mascara. Then heavily apply some blush to your cheeks but not so much that you look like a clown! I always recommend a wig from Epic Cosplay if you need one~


And now if you did everything right you should be ready to go sip some tea, relax for a bit and then run off to go solve some puzzles just like an English Gentleman!

Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


6 thoughts on “No Sew Cosplay: Luke from Professor Layton

  1. Not sure why you wouldn’t want to be accurate with the shoes… Luke is wearing what you might call Mary Jane shoes, which were boys’ dress shoes back then. If you’re afraid of wearing that, don’t cosplay Luke.


    • I thought it would still work with the buckle version and the dress shoes being able to be worn by anyone, versus Mary Jane which are typically women’s shoes. But I will look into fixing this inaccuracy!


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