No Sew Cosplay: Terra from Teen Titans

Looking to throw back a little when you go off to a convention? This cosplay idea is great whether you are alone or in a group as Terra from Teen Titans is still very recognizable due to her major role in the cartoon series and, unfortunately, as a result of the newer show Teen Titans Go (everyone puke now). This was an idea I had for a convention that I have yet to do, as my group never formed up… Sad days! I really wanted to be a Teen Titan for a day and sing the theme song around a convention unrelentingly.


The best part is that nothing about her outfit needs to be sewn. In fact, everything can be store bought and the only thing that will need to be made is the T on her shirt later on which could be done a variety of different ways.

Goggles: Now, this was probably the hardest part about this cosplay. All I could find in my research are goggles that have brown or clear lenses. Now, as it would still be recognizable I would recommend still getting goggles with a tint in them to pull of the character. These motorcycle goggles (pictured on the left) would still look perfect despite the color differences, in my opinion. However, if you want to keep the blue lenses the closest I could find were these black rimmed blue tinted goggles here (pictured on the right).

browntintgoggles          bluetintgoggles

Shirt: This is probably about the easiest part of this outfit to find, believe it or not! I figured a black turtle neck long sleeve cut off shirt would be a heck of a lot harder to find. Nope! Here is one right here! Just add the T and you are good to go!


Gloves: One of the harder items to find were actually the gloves! I found a pair of actual outdoor hiking gloves at a reasonable price, however, after a bit of searching. And they look pretty cool!


Utility Belt: Won’t you just feel really freakin awesome around the convention hall with a utility belt even though you won’t have to dress as Bat Girl in order to have one? Darn right you will! You could even store all of your things inside of this so that you don’t have to ruin the cosplay by totting around an extra bag. Fortunately this one is only around $40 where others can be upwards of $100!


Shorts: Not much to say about yellow shorts other than I’m actually surprised how easy they were to find! These ones should do pretty nicely while not being overly bright in color!


Hiking Boots/Shoes: Finally we’ve come to the most expensive portion of this outfit. Unfortunately, there’s not much cost cutting you can do when it comes to purchasing a pair of hiking shoes and anything less might not look right. I did find a pair that were spectacularly accurate but the price point is enough to make my lower jaw drop all the way down to the ground like in an episode of Teen Titans! Say hello to these fantastic boots (pictured on top) Unfortunately, due to my lack of funds if I were to do this cosplay I would probably go with these instead (pictured below) which are still pricey but keep in mind that these could be easily worn again for everyday use!


Makeup/Wig: Makeup isn’t as important here, as Terra is more “Tomboyish” than anything. I would recommend getting yourself a black eyebrow pencil and thickening your brows if you have thin brows and using some eyeliner around the eye to make it seem flatter on the top and use some on the bottom perhaps a bit further away from the eye to make them look bigger. Contacts are a potential, since the character’s eyes are blue, but not necessary. If you do not already have blond or dirty blond hair, a wig will be needed.

And now, if you did everything right, you should be able to splash a bit of mud on yourself and get yourself rockin’ and rollin’ over to the next big convention!


Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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