No Sew Cosplay: Anger from Inside Out


WHAT DO YOU MEAN WE CAN’T HAVE DESERT? IS THAT HOW YOU ARE GOING TO PLAY IT?! If you love the idea of being the short tempered Anger from Inside Out for your next convention, before you get angry trying to find the pieces, let me break it down super easy for you!

Dress Shirt: This is pretty standard but I liked this dress shirt that I found on Amazon mostly because the fit is pretty tight. Remember to roll up your sleeves so you have that look like you might punch something at any given second. I also would let the collar be loose to give you that appearance of having a fatter neck.

Tie: GOSH DARN IT WHY DON’T THEY MAKE A TIE JUST LIKE ANGER’S!?! Okay, calm down now, everyone… Think of some positive things. Like, how similar these two ties are! The tie pictured above is probably actually my favorite because the colors are closer to what I think Anger is wearing but I have to admit that this diamond plaid tie is definitely a close second. Of course, if neither one of these are doing it for you in terms of accuracy, I recommend buying a red tie and simply using fabric paint to make the design yourself. The reason I recommend the first tie is also because it’s lighter than the pants still.



Belt: Really any ol’ brown belt will do!

Gloves: Instead of attempting to wear body paint all over, you could also use gloves like these instead.


Dress Pants: Fortunately they make a pair of maroon dress pants (left) but I also found these wine colored pants (right) that work a bit better. I also like the second pair of pants because they are a bit more baggy, which can help the illusion that you are a bit bigger around than you are if you don’t have Anger’s strange body proportions. While there are pants that aren’t dress pants and have better luck to make you appear bigger, unfortunately these are yoga pants or jogging pants which will break the illusion of you being in a business suit. I recommend getting a size or two bigger in the waist (not height) because you will be wearing a belt anyway.

angerpants     winderedpants

Shoes: Really any ol’ black dress shoe should work here but I liked these ones here mostly because they are bigger in the toe area and can make you appear to have larger feet. Fear should be wearing the thinner, pointy shoes, after all since he’s so skinny while you have some big thick feet you can kick the living daylights out of someone with.


Makeup/Wig: This whole cosplay really needs the proper makeup applications. While it’s hard to find a good tutorial on Anger specifically, I did find this awesome video that shows how to do Disgust’s makeup: 

I would highly recommend using a lot of the same principles of her use of mixing paint to give you an orange/red look to your face. I would also make sure to cover up your brows with the red paint. For your hair, I would either make sure to also dye it a matching red or get a very short red wig or just go for a flaming hair look with a yellow/orange wig styled to stand straight up. Another idea would be to go all the way with no hair and use a bald cap and painting it a matching color and blending it in with your face makeup! Whichever you decide to do it’ll still be better than setting your actual hair on fire, right?


And if you’ve done it alright and you are looking good, unleash your inner Anger on the world!

Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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