No Sew Cosplay: Fred from Big Hero 6


What Big Hero 6 cosplay group would be complete without a Fred in the group? Fred’s outfit is deceivingly simplistic, but is actually made out of a number of pieces that are pretty hard to replicate from store-bought including his beanie, necklace and shirt though sewing is definitely still not a requirement for bringing this cosplay to life.

Beanie: Fortunately someone on Etsy named BlueRainbowDesigns has made it pretty easy to find a Fred beanie and I located it here. My main concern is that crochet isn’t as realistic to the beanie as it could be, however. So while this beanie is awesome, it might be better to purchase one like this beanie here  and then either add cut out pieces of felt with fabric glue or simply paint on the monster’s face very carefully. The beanie realistically could be either a light green or a teal color.


Necklace: The same person on Etsy absolutely nailed the necklace though and I highly recommend purchasing this one from BlueRainbowDesigns. If you are crafty enough, you could obviously also make your own. My suggestion would be to use something like a strange shaped rock and paint it or perhaps just some crafting clay.

Top Shirt: The same seller on Etsy that made Hiro Hamada’s shirt, Frayel, has made an awesome Fred shirt as well. Check it out here! What more could you ask for? I would recommend getting it in the normal size that you wear and not any bigger so that you appear to be taller. Remember, Fred is pretty darn tall compared to the others. My only concern is that the shirt is very bright red. Solve this by either running it through the wash with towels or rags to make it look beat up or leave it in the sun and flip sides. This should give it that look like it has been worn over and over again (probably inside out even).


Undershirt: Pretty self-explanatory but I’ve linked a white long sleeved shirt in case you don’t already have one!

Cargo Shorts: The pants should be pretty tight at the waist and a bit baggy at the bottoms. I found these relaxed fit cargo pants that should work pretty well though I also liked this look here for the shorts!


Underwear: Make sure to wear these bad boys forwards, backwards, inside out and forwards and backwards again for realism!

Shoe Laces: These shoe laces should work pretty good for our purposes for this cosplay! For an added touch I would suggest looping them in a way that uses most of the string and leaving them untied if possible. Make sure that they aren’t dangling though or you could trip in a convention hall!


 Sneakers: While any ol’ pair of white sneakers will do if you don’t have any you could pick up a pair like these ones to complete your look! My suggestion is to wear them frequently before the con not only to break them in, but to give them a worn look. Remember that Fred is hard on his clothes and it really should look like he rolled out of bed with them still on a few… times.


Finally, if you’ve done everything right and you have your cosplay at the ready, it’s time to go to the convention and sit in a chair eating an invisible sandwich.

Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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