No Sew Cosplay: GoGo from Big Hero 6


This outfit is pretty easy like Hiro Hamada but it has more pieces that you will need in order to pull off GoGo, not to mention that the hair is very important to get right.

Leather Jacket: There is a way to do this outfit without breaking the bank. If you take a look at this awesome jacket here which is also the proper length, it’s actually also in the $20 range which is really extremely reasonable for a jacket!


T-Shirt: A simple white t-shirt is all you really need for GoGo! My only suggestion is to get a size that gives you extra length so that it looks like your jacket is a big shorter. GoGo’s is a ridiculously small leather jacket, so emphasizing the fact that yours is cut off is easy to do by going with a longer shirt. Or if you already happen to have a white t-shirt, just use that! No sense in buying more than you need. Keep in mind that this can also easily be used in other outfits.

Gloves: These gloves are actually a very reasonable price at $6! I was fortunate enough that I was also able to find a pair at the Flea Market for my friend who cosplayed as GoGo when we went to the convention.


Sweatband: This is probably the hardest part of the entire outfit. Which you would think would be the easiest thing to find? Nope. No. Definitely not. In my search I was able to find a purple and white striped sweatband for your wrist. Unfortunately it looked more like this without a white stripe in the center and two smaller white stripes on the edges. I’m not sure if the name is a reference to Big Hero 6 but they are actually called GOGO Sweatbands! The problem is that this is a set so you will end up with two wrist bands and a headband but… They’re super cheap! My suggestion is actually to purchase a plain purple sweatband and then paint the center with some white paint to pull off the correct look. I did find an exact one on this site but I have never purchased things from them before.

Shorts: Sports shorts are pretty easy to find and I managed to find ones with two red lines on the sides which make them absolutely perfect. Click here! Keep in mind you can also use these for actual sports… You know, when you go exercising after the convention. Either that or you’ll just be super comfy all day!


Leggings: This is a two fold process! You essentially need two pairs of leggings if you want to do this without sewing in pieces so I recommend getting two of the same type. Fortunately I found leggings here that come in the two different colors we need: purple and black. Cut some holes into the black ones and wear the purple ones underneath, obviously!


Running Shoes: There are a number of shoes that are close to what GoGo has going but by far these (top) are the closest that I was able to find. These ones (bottom) however, were a close second so it really depends on your personal taste. The first are closer to the style of running shoes GoGo wears.



Makeup/Wig: It’s important to make sure that you thicken your brows a bit if you don’t already have prominent brows. Use a lot of purple eyeshadow on your lids and eyeliner all around your eyes to make them seem smaller if you don’t already have small eyes or emphasize them. Light pink lipstick is a plus here. If you don’t have the right hair or don’t want to dye the strands, I recommend either purchasing a regular black wig from Epic Cosplay and dying strands or adding in strands of purple with a clip or playing it safe and purchasing a GoGo wig from Ebay like this one.

And if you did it all right, then woman up and get out to that convention!


Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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