No Sew Cosplay: Tadashi from Big Hero 6


What Big Hero 6 Cosplay group would be complete without Tadashi! Well… Tadashi is here!

Hat: A lot of Tadashi’s hats exist online, so finding one should not be that hard! I usually like to support smaller businesses if possible and there is an Etsy store here that actually claims to make them by hand and made-to-order in your size. Be careful and make sure to purchase the correct one, as there are two versions: the movie and the book.


Shirt: Like the other shirts in this series that are hard to replicate, there is the same artisan on Etsy, Frayel, who has made a t-shirt for Tadashi Hamada here! The shirts that this person has are all good quality. For this shirt, I recommend getting the normal size that you wear but it doesn’t particularly matter, as the shirt will be partially covered up by your cardigan regardless~!


Cardigan: While any grey men’s cardigan will really do, I really liked the look of this one I found on Amazon. It gives you plenty of room to see the undershirt from the looks of it, plus the buttons are on the darker side. It’s a bit lighter than Tadashi’s cardigan but I think the style makes up for it and still keeps it recognizable. They have a Dark Kingfisher (right) one as well that you could get instead, but I feel the Flannel Grey works better. If you aren’t sure about it, turn yourself upside down and try to give yourself a different perspective! Shake it up a bit! Remember to roll up the sleeves just a tad.


Pants: While any brown pair of straight pants will do, Tadashi wears them very slim. I recommend getting a pair that are Slim Fit so that they look right and then rolling up the bottoms just one time so that they have a cuff. These pants right here will do~ I prefer the dark brown ones though regular brown could work as well.


Shoes: Now just add a pair of teal converse shoes and you should look pretty stylish!


And if you’ve done it all right, make sure to let your Hiro know that you’ve got their back and let them know when their fly is down a little earlier than before you are already on stage for that cosplay contest.


Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


5 thoughts on “No Sew Cosplay: Tadashi from Big Hero 6

  1. Hey Kuro. Can you do some Avatar characters? Either Legend of Aang or Korra. My sister and I cosplayed as Katara and Sokka recently and want to get some friends in on the Team Avatar vibe so we can go as a group.


  2. Hey, I looked into Aang but it seemed really impossible as far as his outfit. Are there particular characters that might be easier? It’s been a while since I watched Avatar and I didn’t watch the Korra version. =)


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