No Sew Cosplay: Fear from Inside Out


B-but what if no one recognizes me at the convention? What if there are spiders!? AH! WAS THAT A SPIDER OVER THERE?

Bow Tie: This is super easy to find and possibly the most simplistic portion of this cosplay. I managed to find this bow tie in only a few seconds. Looking sharp!


Dress Shirt: Pinstripes are always in style, right? Right!? Okay, maybe not but this dress shirt works too perfectly for our purposes to ignore! I recommend getting the size that fits you perfectly and not a size above so that it makes it look pretty form fitting. Remember, Fear is very thin and pencil-like so the more that you make it look like your clothes are tight and long the better. The pinstripes themselves should also help.


Sweater Vest: This is not just an ordinary sweater vest. Oh, no… No… Look closely at that pattern my friend. That is not checkered. That is not just a regular diamond pattern. That is not even argyle which I learned is a pattern. This is a Scottish pattern called Houndstooth that I had no idea even existed on this planet until I tried to find it. Then to actually find a sweater vest that had that pattern… Well, I had to do some major digging and finally managed to find one here. I have not heard of this brand nor have I purchased items from their site, but this bad boy is exactly perfect for Fear!


Gloves: If you feel the need to not have to wear body paint on your hands, which could rub off, you can also do costume gloves like these here instead!

Pants: Of course, make sure to get the Royal Blue color and not the ones in the picture below that are charcoal. But really, any pair of dark blue dress pants with a slim fit should do for our purposes! Roll up the cuff just one time for that extra special attention to detail.


Shoes: While pretty much any shoe will do as long as they are black dress shoes, I think that any shoe that is pointed like this one will also help the illusion that you are tall or emphasize it.


And if you did it all well and you are looking like Fear from Inside Out, then you best make sure not to watch any nightmares in the future. There are some freaky things that happen while on dream duty!

1c84d3a0-feac-0132-f439-0e18518aac2f (1)

Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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