No Sew Cosplay: Sadness from Inside Out


Don’t be sad… It’s really not that hard to… To… Cosplay. Oh goodness, but what if it goes all horribly horribly wrong? Then I don’t know! *cries*

Glasses: This cheaper pair with no lenses should do good and are super cheap! However, I personally like this pair because they double as sunglasses and have actual clear lenses in them.


Sweater: This is probably one of the easiest pieces to find for Sadness. The main issue is that this sweater seems to be running in the lower sizes, and I would always prefer to get a bigger size to emphasize her body proportions. This sweater here, however, is one size fits all and has the right stitching plus is really super reasonable price wise. There are a lot of other white sweaters out there though, but make sure to avoid ones with chunky knitting! I also found an alternative one that has different size choices here but it is alpaca wool versus mostly cotton for the other one so it might be a bit hot. Make sure to pull the sweater down far to emphasize Sadness’ short legs.


Gloves: If you are as worried as I am that body paint will come off over time, I recommend getting gloves like these for your hands instead. They are still a light blue and should match everything else alright. You can also do the same thing with your feet by getting light blue socks.

Pants: This is difficult because most of the pants I found were either extremely form fitting, plus-sized which might not work for a variety of readers, or were pajama bottoms with tons of decoration on the sides. I finally got creative and decided to suggest these lovely scrubs instead of the traditional pants. Though you end up with a top thrown in, the pants themselves seem comfortable, are the right color for the most part and definitely look to be along the same material I’d expect Sadness to wear. I’d even suggest wearing the top under the sweater to give the white fabric a blueish tint to it that might help pull the look off better.


Slippers: Another reason why I choose the scrubs for the pants is because Sadness is wearing some slippers. She seems all around to wear things that are comfortable. The type of clothes you wear when you are home, laying on the couch and eating a big huge tub of rocky road ice cream because you just got dumped. And that’s why I think I would want these slippers to complete the look. If they are as good as they look, you’ll be walking on clouds through the entire convention.


Makeup/Wig: See my earlier article on Anger’s makeup and the amazing makeup tutorial video for Disgust that I found on YouTube! I recommend using either a light blue body paint or if they only have dark ones, mixing it with a white so that you don’t end up accidentally looking like a the girl from Willy Wonka. The next thing is to also add blue eyebrow pencil and glittery blue eyeliner. Sadness does have some pink in her cheeks, so adding that in is a good thing. This wig should do nicely and make sure to add some glitter to it for some extra perfection!

And if you did it all right and you look just like Sadness, it’s time to get a close friend to drag you by your foot around the convention hall!


Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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