No Sew Cosplay: Disgust from Inside Out


Ugh! You’re really going to go with that shade of green? Ew, no, definitely not wearing that. That dress with those shoes? Uh, hello, those are actually BLUE?

Chiffon Scarf: Took me a bit to learn that this is most likely what’s called a Chiffon Scarf, versus just being a ribbon tied around her neck as most scarves don’t really stick out like that. This chiffon scarf here is about as close as I could find in terms of color though it’s really still up to you if you want to lean more to purple or more pink. While I like the purple to emphasize her green clothing, the last pink version is by far my favorite. Add some glitter (note you can use the green one for the wig as well) and you are good to go!  If you do actually want to be a bit crafty and actually sew something for this cosplay though *gasp* you could could get this spool and cut and hem just the end of the piece so it doesn’t tear. (I think I broke a rule somewhere.)


Dress: What I absolutely love about this retro hepburn dress (left) is that it super closely matches Disgust and also has that belt around that saves you an extra added step of finding one. This one pictured below also has better reviews and could probably even still work WITH a belt. This is an alternative choice though. Regardless you will still need fabric paint to draw in the designs. Keep in mind that the flowers on Disgust’s dress alternate between being light blue and light green/yellow. Mix some paint around until you get the correct color!


Belt: If you went the first route with your dress, then this part will be a bit easier. You will still need to replicate the letter ‘D’ on her belt which should be manageable with more fabric paint. However, I found an awesome retro belt which fits in with the rest of the retro style and has a ‘D’ shape on the front here. All you would need to do is flip it the other way around whilst wearing it and you could always paint the ‘D’ shape darker to emphasize the shape but only after you are sure which belt-notch you are using! Don’t binge eat before the convention after either.


Leggings: It was hard to find capri leggings in general but ones that were dark green were very difficult. Instead I would opt to get these leggings and roll up the ends to make them look a bit shorter, showing off your legs just a tad bit more.


Shoes: Top it all off with the perfect flat shoes! Unfortunately, these don’t come in my size and they might not come in yours either. My runner up would be this pair though realistically any ballerina shoes that are fuchsia or light purple should work perfectly. Since these shoes might be difficult to purchase online since flats fit everyone different, I recommend trying to find a pair like these at the store so you can try them on before purchasing anyhow.


Socks: If you don’t feel like slathering your legs in body paint you can always wear socks like these instead as most of your lower leg won’t be showing anyhow. Keep in mind that if you add these you might want to give yourself more room for your shoes by a half-a-size so they don’t squeeze your feet. Conventions have a lot of walking so it’s important to be comfortable and not in pain.


Makeup/Wig: For the wig I love Epic Cosplay! They have a green one with curly ends that should work very well once styled here! If you have not already seen this awesome tutorial on how to do Disgust’s makeup, check it out here:

And if you did it all right and you look fabulous, you should start noticing that everyone else takes a look at their own clothing choices and pukes because of their utter jealousy. Go show yourself off to the world. W-wait, what’s that between your teeth?


Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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