No Sew Cosplay: Juli Kidman from The Evil Within


If you have not played The Evil Within, it’s a survival horror game that allows you to fight off the enemies with weapons. Granted, your ammunition is always running extremely low. However, the DLC’s for the game have Detective Juli Kidman as the star protagonist and she rarely, if ever, has a weapon and typically it’s a one shot use. While her outfit is deceivingly simplistic, there are a lot of elements you will need in order to pull it off properly!

Shirt: A simple white dress shirt is all you need, but it should have a slim fit like this one. I liked this one because of the stellar reviews it has at 5 stars (only one review but still). Make sure to always read details on sizing, however, because this one is an Asian fit and runs small! If you want to look like Kidman has been in the world of The Evil Within longer, simply add splashes of dark crimson paint to your fabric in a way to make it appear to be blood or use fake blood from the nearest Halloween store. Don’t forget to also roll up your sleeves.

Shoulder Holster: Where we start getting into the expensive items is obviously with the holsters. If you want to go with genuine leather, then Ebay is probably your best bet as far as pricing goes. I managed to find a vertical shoulder holster with genuine leather for $80 here versus the $100 I would have spent on Amazon. I much prefer this one here (pictured below) for its pricing, however. This one is $69 and you can pick the side that the gun is holstered on (Kidman wears it on her left shoulder). The whole entire product is not leather, but it can certainly look it still. This one does appear to attach to your belt, however, which Kidman’s does not. I probably would simply take the end pieces off for greater mobility.


Leg & Thigh Holster: While I am absolutely in love with this holster that I found here, the price point makes me have a heart attack every time I look at it. Not a lot of people have $140 dollars plus shipping to use just for a one time convention. If you had another cosplay lined up that could make use of it, or if you were just wanting a holster, this might be a more practical purchase. However, this is so close to what Kidman is actually wearing that it’s hard to find any other substitutes.I found another one only priced at $106 here but I have personally not bought from this website.


Leather Belt: I would try to stick super close to the same color as the leg holster like this belt so that it looks as if it’s all one piece. Finding a leather holster with two waist straps would be utterly impossible from what my search results have come up with.

Badge: There are a few ways you can go about doing the badge. If you want to get it 100% accurate, I could not find a badge that had the exact same design for purchase. Instead, you could use this awesome video here to learn how to turn a styrofoam version you carve out, into an aluminium copy!

I found a person on Deviant Art that managed to make their own awesome Krimson City Police Department badge here! And if that doesn’t work then you can always find a number of discontinued police badges on ebay like this one.


Jeans: If you don’t already have a pair that will work for Kidman, or even if you do you want to make sure it’s a pair that’s darker in tone, slim fitting and has a little bit of fade to the fabric. These are a perfect example.


Shoes: While I’m not a huge fan of killing your feet, heels are definitely needed for this cosplay. However, I would always take down the height a bit. Remember that most likely you will be walking the convention hall repeatedly and standing around a lot. These boots here seem to be a very happy medium between height and comfort.


And if you’ve done it all right and you are finding yourself looking like Kidman, grab a flashlight or some glow sticks and a black cat, then get going!


Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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