No Sew Cosplay: Detective Castellanos from The Evil Within


This cosplay admittedly would be a lot less expensive if you are able to sew or craft some items. Detective Castellanos has dropped a lot of $ onto his outfit and that much is clear as soon as you go to search for any of the pieces. Maybe he’s getting all that cash by selling Brain Goo?


Undershirt: Get a really nice dress shirt and then proceed to instantly mess it up by smearing a little fake blood and dripping some grime on there for realism if you want your outfit to look like Castellanos further in the game. Even before the start, the shirt doesn’t appear to be well taken care of. I would recommend getting some fake blood or fabric paint mixed to look like blood and splattering it on with a paint brush Jackson Pollock style.


Vest: If you are going to be wearing a trench coat, then you won’t need to worry about this at all, but every vest that I stumbled across that had the appropriate pinstripe pattern has that pattern only on the front side. The problem is that Castellanos vest actually has the pattern the whole way around the vest. While you might score some extra points for being exact, this isn’t going to matter much in the convention hall however. Here is the one that I found. Make sure to tuck the ends into your pants, however, as Castellanos wears his vest tucked oddly enough.


Tie: Pretty self explanatory. This red stripped skinny tie should do really nicely! Make sure to tie it loosely so that the world can know how much of a BA you are.


Shoulder Holster: Detective Castellanos pretty much has the exact same shoulder holster as Detective Kidman and so the same one could be used for this. This is the cheaper option though this one is genuine leather. If you are going to purchase a replica gun then you might have to pay around $80 as this was the cheapest I could find without reducing quality.


If you are able to follow simple directions, however, this video could help you create your own replica gun! Be sure to always double check the rules for your convention for weapons.

Trench Coat: Not a completely necessary piece of the cosplay since Castellanos goes without this piece of his wardrobe for much of the game, the trench coat could serve to cover up the back of your vest if you are nervous about not having stripes there or if you want to go all out. Due to the expensive nature of a trench coat, I recommend turning to Ebay for help here! I found this trench coat in the $30 range with the correct length!


Belt/Utility Belt: Perhaps the most infuriating piece of the entire cosplay is the unique belt. If you have not noticed it before, take a look at the picture below.


Castellanos has perhaps the most unique belt loop system I have ever seen. I searched all over for something similar and could not. What he has going is a leather utillity belt with a metal clasp. Points for realism if you want to go through the process of making this belt correctly and modifying a belt in order to get this look. The closest I could come to the belt hook was a military tactical belt but it was canvas. Personally I think you are better off just going with a real utility belt and taking off the extra pouches you don’t need for the outfit. Detective Castellanos has three pouches. A small one on the left, a big one in the back and a third that holds his handcuffs. Complete the look with a pair of handcuffs and a badge. You should be able to get a simple metal hook and rig it so that a lantern may hang from the belt.


Pants: Some straight fit dark chocolate dress pants should work just fine.

Shoes: Thrift stores are a fantastic place to get a pair of cheap black dress shoes but if you must purchase a pair from online then keeping it cheaper shouldn’t hurt.

And if you did it all correctly, then you should start noticing that there’s something wrong with this place…


Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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