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No Sew Cosplay: Detective Oda from The Evil Within


If you want to look abundantly stylish at the convention, then Joseph Oda is the cosplay for you! Make sure to always carry around a notepad and look like you know exactly what’s going on even as the entire world crumbles away around you.

Glasses: This look can’t be complete without a pair of glasses for you to push up with your gloved hands. You shouldn’t have to spend an arm and a leg on this though as a pair like these should do.


Undershirt: Any simple white dress shirt like this one should do! Remember to iron it a bunch of times and don’t let anything look like it has touched Joseph’s shirt. Have you noticed how he alone seems to be immune to any gore staying on his clothing? It’s almost like Joseph has a bag of fresh clean clothes he keeps changing into throughout the game.

Tie: I feel that any red tie will really work for this outfit, but that a silky one like this tie would go a long way to making you look a bit classier and more in character. While a tie pin to top it all off by itself can be $9 or so like this one you can get a mixed variety set for the same price and have extras in case you lose one.


Vest: I liked that this vest is a very slim fit and also only has three buttons versus a lot that I saw that had too many but this one (below) is probably higher quality.


Shoulder Holster: This time you will need a black shoulder holster. I found one that was on the cheaper side, though it is not all leather like Joseph’s, here (below) though it is actually cheaper on Ebay to get one fully leather like this one. Fortunately, it seems harnesses are more common in the color black, which makes sense and also reduces the cost significantly for this cosplay. Copy either of the same ideas for a badge like in the No Sew Cosplay articles for Kidman and Castellanos. Make sure that your cosplay group that you are a part of are copying each other so that you all match though. As for the weapon, you could purchase a replica automatic handgun like this (always make sure to research convention rules beforehand) or make one like the video I linked in Kidman and Castellanos’ articles.



Gloves: While looking for gloves, I managed to find a pair that are designed to be police gloves like the ones Joseph has. I found others a bit cheaper but these were the best quality wise and had very good reviews.


Belt: A simple black belt should do just fine.

Pants: Joseph’s pants are not anything unusual and could easily be any black dress pants. I liked the fact that the same company that had a black vest, Dockers, has these dress pants but I also was interested in these wrinkle-free dress pants.


Shoes: I always recommend going to a thrift store to find shoes like these since they are often given up. But if you have to buy them online, these looked like they were super close to Joseph’s style. Whenever I’m buying shoes online, I try to get a name brand that I’ve at least heard of.

Now get to work and take some notes on the situation with your memo pad. You’ve got a mystery to solve! Also better defuse a few bombs super slowly while Castellanos has your back.

Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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