Scooby-Doo Shaggy Rogers Sandwich

No Sew Cosplay: Shaggy from Scooby-Doo


Like, how would you like to sound just like Shaggy Rogers for the day? Zoinks! Well, that’s like, totally possible! All you have to do is get, like, just a few items. And after that you can make you and Scoobs a giant Hero Sandwich for your efforts!

Shirt: No matter what the era of Scooby-Doo, Shaggy Rogers pretty much looks exactly the same. You might have some different green shades when it comes to the shirt, however. My suggestion before with Velma still stands: try to go with the direct-to-video versions for ease. If you are keeping consistent with this, any group cosplay will be a heck of a lot easier! I was pretty happy with this shirt in Irish Green! I recommend getting a size up from what you normally wear to create that look like you are swimming in your shirt just a bit.


Pants: Maroon pants aren’t the easiest to find. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any with bell bottoms but I think that this pair of pants comes pretty close. If you want to take it to the next level and actually sew *gasp* you could also take in the hem and taper it down to create a bell for the bottoms of each of the pant legs but it’s probably not necessary.


Shoes: I kinda keep saying this, because a lot of the cosplay choices I mentioned before all have black dress shoes… Thrift stores are your friend! But if you are stubborn and don’t want to search around for these then a pair of shoes like these should do nicely.


Wig/Facial Hair: There’s a lot to be said for the quality of a wig from Epic Cosplay. A short one should do. I’m a real firm believer that you look more like Shaggy if you have a short cut, despite the live action versions long hair… For those of you that can’t grow facial hair they also have… Yes… They actually SELL fake facial hair like this. You will need to purchase spirit gum if you get the facial hair this way, however, to attach the hair to your face. You will need to trim that particular beard as it is too long. You could also just go for a goatee.


Like, now you should start running, right Scoobs? That ghost is right on your tail!

Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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