Scooby-Doo Fred Jones 2

No Sew Cosplay: Fred from Scooby-Doo


Surprisingly, Fred Jones has a number of different outfit choices. Almost more than Daphne! They are often in the same color range and while he does have his trademark one with an orange ascot, more often than not this piece will be missing. As the Zombie Island version of his outfit is the easiest, I’ll focus on that one but also break down his traditional outfit and how to cosplay with that one too! So let’s catch us a good cosplay! Also maybe a monster or two…

Ascot: This is not needed if you are doing any of the non-traditional versions of Fred’s outfit. This one should do nicely if you don’t have an orange ascot lying around anywhere. If you are worried about not being recognizable with the direct-to-video movie version of Fred, you could also purchase the ascot in addition and have it as a back up to add to your outfit.


Shirt: Whilst on Zombie Island, Fred was dressed more like he was ready for a safari. His shirt of choice was this type of shirt. A short-sleeved button up dress shirt! This shirt is probably his easiest version to find which is why I prefer this version. If you want to go traditional, however, get a polo shirt like this one and use some fabric paint in order to make the collar blue. I was turning blue in the face trying to find a white shirt with a blue collar that happened to have long sleeves and this short sleeve version was as close as I could get.


Safari Vest: My favorite outfit of Fred’s isn’t traditional by a long shot, but I really like the safari vest that he’s wearing. It’s actually designed for either fishing or photography, which makes sense given he’s operating as Daphne’s crew man in Zombie Island. This piece is not needed if you are going with the traditional Fred Jones outfit.


Brown Belt: This is only needed if you are doing the Zombie Island version. A simple brown belt should be good enough.

Pants: I see a lot of cosplayers wearing slacks for Fred that are loose fitting and it looks really bizarre. I personally think that Fred Jones would be more likely to be wearing jeans like these in any of his reincarnations and I think this would also look a lot better. Regardless they will look better than anything these guys are wearing…


Shoes: No matter what, Fred Jones seems to be wearing a pair of brown loafers. The exception is actually Zombie Island where he is wearing a pair of casual dress shoes like these ones (above). Otherwise a pair of light brown loafers (below) should be fine. I would think either of these you could find in a thrift shop for a lot cheaper though!



Wig: A short blonde wig like this one should do nicely!

And now, if you did it all right, it’s time to split up gang!

Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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