Noragami Cover

No Sew Cosplay: Yato from Noragami


Hello! Thank you for calling! Fast, affordable, reliable Delivery God Yato at your service!

Bandanna/Scarf: If you are wanting to cosplay as Yato, first and foremost you will need his trademark bandanna. A scarf like this should do nicely! Just look how fluffy it is! Now… All you will need to do is fold it in a triangle, tie it and then proceed to fray the heck out of it using scissors and any other sharp utensils lying around to make it look beat up as heck! Don’t go too crazy and just do it a little bit and be careful not to create strands that could unravel if pulled accidentally. Either way for this particular scarf you would have to cut off the strings on the ends.


Undershirt: Though not noticeable really, but Yato is wearing a white shirt underneath of his jacket.

Running Jacket: It’s difficult to find a running jacket with only one white stripe. While on the pricey side, I found this one that is also Puma branded. The jacket itself is definitely high quality and given a lot of stars plus the jacket can be used after the fact instead of just for the convention. If the logo bothers you, taking some fabric paint to it might be necessary.


Running Pants: Fortunately, there are pants that exactly match the jacket here with one white stripe. Again, one white stripe is really hard to find when you are looking for it and these were all I could find that were also noticeable enough to make it worth it.


Knee-High Boots: Unisex or men’s knee-high boots are super hard to find that are anywhere close to what Yato is wearing. I recommend searching on Ebay to find some good deals. I found these leather knee-high boots in a size 6M (picture above). If you are a woman doing this cosplay you could get boots like these instead (picture below). Also, though they are limited in size choices, these Attack on Titan boots have a nice price point! If all else fails you, check the nearest thrift store to see if you can find a pair at a reasonable price!



Wig: All you will need to do is style a short black wig like this one and you are good to go!

And that will be 5 yen please!

Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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