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No Sew Cosplay: Haruko from FLCL


I am actually not familiar with FLCL nor it’s characters. It’s one of those manga that I attempted to read a few times but never really got into. Following up on a request, I will break down how to cosplay as Haruko from FLCL!

Goggles: I’m really a super fan of these goggles that I found on Amazon since you actually get two out of it, and the smokey version looks perfect for this cosplay.


Undershirt: If you don’t already have one a long sleeve white shirt should be just fine.

Sleeveless Jacket: Probably the hardest part to find of this entire outfit, Haruko’s sleeveless red zip-up jacket can be an impossible challenge almost unless you know where to look. I searched for a few days and finally found this one (below). Now, if the size is too large for you, since it is labeled as a plus-size you could always then take it in some but this would make it a “sewing” cosplay versus a no-sew. Either way, you will need blue fabric paint to add the details of the rectangular shapes on either side of the jacket. I did manage to find some that had a closer shiny material to what Haruko has on but then you sacrifice the length. Example would be this jacket. I’ve seen a lot of cosplayers using material that is not shiny, however, and no jackets for sale are made out of anything remotely shiny so this should be okay to miss detail wise.


Scarf: If you don’t already have one, any long white scarf like this one should be fine for this cosplay!


Gloves: Though not quite long enough, these gloves (below) I thought had the perfect look for this cosplay. Unfortunately, they are also very pricey! After some searching, however, I found some gloves that are comparable to those here though I have never bought from the site before.

Leggings: Make sure when purchasing faux leather leggings like these that you pay attention to the sizing! You can order your size or above and they should fit nicely according to the reviews.


Platform Boots: Fortunately these are super easy to find and I tracked down a pair very quickly. Depending on your size, you can also pay very little to get these boots while boots are typically fairly expensive. I also prefer these to costume boots as the quality is bound to be there for the amount you are spending. Remember, cheap comes out expensive especially with shoes. Alternatively, these are on sale but have a limited amount of size choices.


Wig: Now you should be able to style and toss on a pink wig!

And there you have it!

Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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