No Sew Cosplay: Mavis from Hotel Transylvania


You’re not quite Daddy’s little stay-at-home girl anymore! In fact, you want to go out and see the entire world! Especially Haweewee!

Vampire Teeth: I would honestly not be a fan of wearing some thick plastic vampire teeth throughout the entire time you are at a convention. Particularly because a lot of talking can happen at a convention. Instead, how about just getting the fangs? The good thing is these also have mostly positive reviews. I know anything I would be sticking in my mouth should have tons of positive reviews. Plus side is that reviewers also said you can also drink with them on. It isn’t recommended to eat though according to most reviewers as the lifespan will drop.

Long Gloves: To pull this cosplay off you might have some difficulty finding extra long gothic sleeves that are fingerless. I know I did! It wasn’t so much the fact that there weren’t any. There are. A lot of options in fact! But finding ones that were sheer, black and had only one loop around a finger just like Mavis’ was pretty darn difficult. Hopefully these made-to-order gloves on Etsy would be perfect!


Shirt: Fortunately, these are easy to find! I recommend paying attention to the length of the shirt, however, because you need to wear it like a dress. This particular (below) shirt also runs small. It is slightly sheer, so you will need a black shirt underneath to help. An alternative would be this shirt though no reviews are written for it yet. EDIT: Also found this one.


Cape: Not a requirement but you could always get a vampire cape to help your costume recognition along. Of course, from what I remember, Mavis wears a very short cape which is kind of hard to find so you might want to go with a kid’s size like this one. EDIT: I found a cheaper one here!

Tights: It’s super easy to find tights like Mavis’. In fact, I found several different versions. My favorite were these however as the red is not too bright and the black is a little faded. These are pretty thin material wise so I recommend making sure that your shirt is long enough or wearing some short black shorts underneath.


Converse Shoes: Converse shoes are super easy to find, but make sure you get ones that are like these which are a lot closer to what Mavis is wearing.


Makeup/Wig: You will need lots of eyeliner, mascara, black lipstick, etc for Mavis. A short black wig like this one should be all you need! You might have to trim the bangs of that particular wig.

And now you’re free to go see what Humans do at a convention! Holy Rabies! Holy Rabies!

Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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