No Sew Cosplay: Emi from Hataraku Maou


“Who might this be?” You can’t possibly have forgotten the name of Emilia the Hero!?

Emilia is probably one of the easier cosplays you can do with regular clothes. In fact, her entire outfit is really just business professional attire. But getting the right stuff will still make a huge difference. The great thing too is all of this stuff can be used outside of cosplay for multitudes of things.

Undershirt: A lot of undershirts seem to require a white dress shirt like this one here. Nothing special about this really.

Vest: I liked this vest (below) in particular because the buttons are placed off center like Emi’s. My only worry is that it seems a tad short and you might have to button both buttons to get the same affect. There’s an alternative however, in this vest in the light grey color or “mocha” as it’s referred to.


Bow Tie: I think it’s adorable how Emi wears her bow tie. I found one here that closely resembles the color and style. The only issue is that you will need a gem added to the bow in the middle. If you can’t make it over to a local crafts store to figure out a good match, these gems should work alright as they are just a little over an inch long. You will have to hot glue the gem onto the bow, however. Of course, I’m breaking my own rule here, you could also sew those particular buttons on.


Skirt: The skirt is pretty easy and at the same time difficult to find. There were only a few that I really liked color-wise. I liked this skirt (top) as well as this one (bottom) but I felt the former really had the correct fabric for the outfit and the colors seemed to match more closely to Emi’s skirt.


Shoes: Toss on some regular black high heels and you should be good to go! I always recommend getting ones that either have a chunky heel or some sort of support built in. I read the reviews on this pair which seem to be mostly positive on the level of comfort that they afford. Since you will be most likely walking a convention floor, I’d recommend going for comfort over style even.


Wig: You will undoubtedly need a wig to pull off the look. I always recommend Epic Cosplay because their wigs are super high quality. This wig in Dark Red should do nicely. You will need to use some hair gel to slick up a strand which should be easy to do with a wig. You will also need to braid a band of hair so that it will be on your right side. You might want to also curl the ends of the wig a bit to give it more body.

Now make either of these faces at the convention and you will be super convincing! After all, you got to make sure that Maou sees you as the hero and no one mistakenly makes the claim that you’re dating.


Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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