5 Items To Take to a Convention

It’s hard to remember to come prepared to a convention. You’re pumped up and focused on your cosplay, if you are doing one, or what events you are planning on going to or which celebrities you’re going to line up to meet. But it’s important to remember to take care of yourself and not leave yourself in a bad position. These are 5 things that I would recommend not forgetting before you go to a convention.

1.) Cash: Usually there are ATM’s at a convention, but you could face charges to your account for withdrawing from certain ATMs. Typically the ATMs in a convention hall DO cost extra. I would recommend getting cash ahead of time from your bank or an ATM that does not charge to save money. A lot of vendors these days do take credit cards but a lot of artisans might not have the capability.

2.) Snacks: There is really nothing stopping you at a lot of conventions from bringing your own snacks. This will save you in the long term a lot of money that you can then put toward purchasing merch. I recommend bringing things that are high in protein with you as well as a few water bottles depending on if you have enough storage in a bag, etc.

3.) Touch-up Makeup: Things can go wrong with a cosplay. It’s important to bring some touch-up makeup with you so that you can fix your face if needed. This only really applies if you are doing a cosplay, of course. This also applies to body paint, etc that might rub off. You don’t want to be in a position where you’re having to track down something at the convention.

4.) Band-aids: Of course you might not need these at all, but I would always have band-aids available, particularly at a convention. You never know if you’re going to start having your shoes rubbing your feet the wrong way, for one. Band-aids are a good temporary buffer between your shoe and a sore spot to keep yourself from experiencing a lot of pain. Always take these especially if you are wearing shoes you don’t typically wear. Remember, convention halls involve a ton of walking.

5.) A Bag: Whether or not your cosplay really has a bag/backpack/purse included, it’s a good idea to bring one. You need something in order to store your stuff, even if it’s just for your wallet and merchandise that you might purchase. You should always make sure your bag is zipped shut or closed, however, as being in crowds could always open you up for the possibility of theft unless you are taking precautions. Remember, if you are posing for pictures you can always set the bag down, but always have an awareness of where it is at any point and keep it close to you at all times.

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What important things do you always make sure to bring with you to a convention?


No Sew Cosplay: Fionna from Adventure Time


Cake the Cat and Fionna the Human, the fun will never end!

Hat: It’s actually so simple to get Fionna’s hat that even sellers on Amazon have them. There are a few different sellers, including this one  which has the best reviews.This one the one I ended up ordering, however. If you get this one, you will have to go in and cut out the hair, however, as it comes attached, if you want to have a better looking blond wig. Or you can simply buy one on Etsy, but it will probably cost you more.

Shirt: Fionna wears her shirt pretty close to her body, showing off the curves in her body. This is in stark contrast to Finn, who wears his shirt so baggy that he has a rectangular shape to his form. I’d opt to get a shirt like this one that is more form fitting. It seems fair to think Fionna would wear material that was also easy to move in, since she is always off on Adventures like her male counterpart.


Backpack: If you have done a Finn cosplay, or read my previous article on Finn, then you would know that I prefer this backpack which could easily be stuffed to the max to give it that really round look. Of course, being practical, you will probably need things at the convention or a storage for merch so a backpack will really come in handy. Of course, give yourself SOME room to take home all those lovely souvenirs.

Finn the Human Adventure Time Backpack

Skirt: I’ve actually purchased this skirt before for a Gwen Stacy outfit (Amazing Spider-Man version). It’s a very good quality skirt and fits pretty well. It’s also pretty form fitting, which I think would work well for this cosplay. Also, since the quality is good, you could easily wear it again!


Socks: It’s pretty easy to find some tube socks that are white with light blue lines. I found these pretty easily actually.

Shoes: Mary Jane shoes go with practically everything and anything outfit wise. So the good thing is, that if you turn around and invest in some good shoes for this, you could easily reuse them in a variety of different ways. You can often get some pretty good deals on shoes though via Ebay or going to your local thrift store. For instance, these are like $20! Whatever you end up doing, I would go with Mary Janes that look a tad athletic or sleek in style, as that would fit with Fionna’s personality better and be something she would be likely to pick out.


Makeup/Wig: It’s definitely possible to get away with a lot in this cosplay. If you already have blond hair, well, all you have to do is stick your bangs out of your hat and you’re pretty much good to go! If you don’t already have blond hair, any length blond wig will pretty much do. If you really want to be exact, for when you take off the hat, then you want to go with a long blond wig like this one in autumn gold.

As for the makeup: STAY TUNED! I actually purchased ALL of the merchandise besides the shoes for an upcoming video I will be adding to my Youtube Channel. If you haven’t already done so, please follow my channel over on Youtube and subscribe for instant notifications! I plan on also make her sword so I will be uploading a video most likely on how I did it.

Yep, I’m going to make you wait for that video for a week or so until all the items come in!

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Nerdy Items: Mopeez?

The other day I walked into Hot Topic in the mall and realized just how many little beanie characters they had; all superheroes. They had Batman, Captain America, Deadpool and even the Incredible Hulk!


I’m not a sponsor but these cute little guys are just so adorable, that I couldn’t resist getting one for myself to take home! He’s currently chilling on my bookcase.


After further research, I found out that FunKo is the same company responsible for the POP! Vinyl characters. Which makes sense no looking at the style which is very similar. They’ve got pretty much all the characters you could think of from Marvel, DC, Disney, etc. They’ve even got Stan Lee himself! The line for the Mopeez isn’t as extensive just yet, but they already have a ton of Marvel, DC and Nightmare Before Christmas characters. ‘Nuff said!


No Sew Cosplay: Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time



Ruling the Candy Kingdom is a big responsibility and jazz but it’s definitely possible.

Crown: The cool thing is that you don’t have to make this at all if you don’t want to. The crown is for sale all over the place from different artisans. While expensive, my favorite that I came across was this one (pictured below) from Etsy seller SpaceInvader. This one from UniqueCosplayProps is a bit cheaper however! There are also many tutorials out there on how to make your own.


Jacket: Arguably much better if you took the time to sew for this cosplay, there is a way to pull this off without touching a sewing machine! You will need a cropped jacket hoodie like this one, fabric paint to paint on the detail of the pink stripe running through the middle and white trim. If you want to take the time to actually cut out the fringe on the jacket, I recommend using a fray block on the edges to keep strings and frays from happening.


Shirt: Instead of the jacket, you could definitely go with the rock shirt that Princess Bubblegum wears later on in the episode where this outfit is featured.You can actually purchase the shirt from a seller named WhoooBite on Etsy here! You will still need to wear something light pink with long sleeves underneath, however. Personally, since this is a slim fit shirt, I would order a size up than normal so it will fit correctly over all the other layers and still appear big.



Dress: You’ll need a pink swing dress like this one for her dress. The cool thing is that this one I’m linking to has amazing reviews on Amazon, as well as some reviewers that have posted pictures of themselves wearing the dress for reference on length.


Capri Leggings: I found these leggings that have reviews saying that they run super short, which works here for us for the reason that you want some space between your leggings and your pink boots, if possible. If for some reason the boots and the leggings don’t allow for a space on your legs, it should still work out just fine though.

Boots: These boots (top picture) look so adorable that I would wear them even when not cosplaying as Princess Bubblegum. Some reviews say that the shaft is slender, so you might want to check the sizing and order up a size if need be. An alternative that wouldn’t cost you as much would be these boots (bottom picture) though I’m not sure how I feel about the extra buckles. The color IS closer, however.



Makeup/Wig: I’m a huge fan of EpicCosplay wigs and found one already styled up into a ponytail here! You will also need a hair scrunchy like this one. 


I’ll eventually be doing my own cosplay tutorial video after I do PB as a cosplay in the future, but in the meantime, I found this awesome tutorial video on Youtube:

And if you didn’t miscalculate, you should look just like PB herself!

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Nerdy Items: A Nightmare Come True!


If you are a fan of the Nightmare Before Christmas like I am, than you can definitely appreciate this rad Christmas tree! It’s from The Bradford Exchange, which is pretty well known. Though the dimensions are small, coming in at about 3 feet or 36″ tall, it’s pre-lit and has all of the ornaments and figurines plus the topper included. It’s a pretty stunning tree in the pictures! The very best part of this tree though? The fact that you could put it up for Halloween and leave it up until New Years! I hope it looks as freakin’ awesome in real life as it does in this picture!


I swear it has all of the characters on it too from the looks of it!


Even Jack Skellington as the scarecrow!


I gotta say that the buildings look very detailed as well!

Top 5 Types of FanFiction

A lot of people that are into tv shows, cartoons, anime, etc at one point or another have heard of fanfiction whether or not you are a fan. Even if you aren’t a fan, you might have at one point or another been the tiniest bit curious and taken a peak over at a fanfiction site like the infamous fanfiction.net. Don’t lie! We’ve looked at your google search history… Okay, maybe we haven’t but we’re still willing to bet! Maybe not… Cold hard money or anything but… Maybe on like… A donut? Or something? We’ll send a donut in the mail if you haven’t ever looked at a fanfiction! Alright, that’s a lie! But only because we wouldn’t want you to get a donut that wasn’t in the best conditions. Ahem…

Regardless if you are a fan of fanfiction, have gotten curious enough to take a peak, or have no clue what we’re even talking about; we’re about to count down the five types of fanfiction that you will probably see anywhere you look!

5.) Mary Mary Quite Contrary: Oh, I see that you have introduced a new character! Oh, I see that they are the long lost cousin of the protagonist. Oh, I see that they are somehow better in every single way than the protagonist, his/her friends and has an almost unsettling amount of knowledge and capabilities that make anyone and everyone look like they need to just give up now because there is no way they’ll catch up to their level of amazing. These stories were written essentially for the author to insert his/her self into the show with no limitations on their character whatsoever. They can be frustrating, down right mind-numbing and are really more of a fanfiction written for the author’s enjoyment than yours.

4.) Crossovers: This is a mixed bag. On one hand, seeing your favorite characters from different shows, movies, etc can be enjoyable. On the other hand, it doesn’t work for everything. Some pairings are fantastic and even sort of make sense in a weird sort of way! For instance, a Simpsons and Futurama fanfiction would make perfect sense and the characters have even crossed over on the actual show. Something that might not make sense? Well… Explain to me why anyone would crossover Avatar the Last Airbender and Saw? No… Yeah, it’s a real thing! Someone wrote this!

3.) Poorly Written: Whether it’s just a bad idea from the get-go or the grammar and spelling make this fanfiction too difficult to blunder through, these fanfictions somehow lure us in. Whether it’s because we’re morbidly curious or somehow the actual description for the fanfiction seemed entertaining, once you click inside you are disappointed. Usually it’s glaringly obvious from the very start but sometimes it can creep up on you as the fanfiction takes a turn and characters start dissolving in their personalities and do things that don’t make sense. Or the plot unfurls and is not what you signed up for…

2.) The Let Down: This is the type of fanfiction that might not necessarily be the most amazingly well written or even might be well written, but has enough of a plot and grasps the characters well enough that by the time that you realize you are hooked you’ve found the very last chapter. That’s when you start looking to see when the next chapter will be coming out! The problem is the fact that it’s currently 2015. Yes, that’s a problem because the very last time that the author updated the story was back in 2010… Crap! You’ve already invested time and effort into the fanfiction and now your brain is racking itself attempting to come up with a fanfiction for the fanfiction? Send help!

1.) Perfect In Every Way: This fanfiction has the perfect blend of good spelling, grammar (or at least the mistakes are so minuscule that they can be overlooked) and plot. The characters talk and act in a way that is typical for them even if they aren’t necessarily in their typical universe or surroundings. It’s a believable story-line as well and keeps you on your toes. The chapters aren’t so short that it’s not worthy of being called a chapter and not too long that it becomes a long ramble. You’re left feeling like you watched another great episode of your show and you feel complete after finishing! Of course, this story also has an ending or a planned out sequel for more enjoyment.

So, what did you think? Are there other types of fanfiction that we missed that you thought should be in the top 5? Which fanfiction stories are your favorite? Leave a comment down below!



So, it’s safe to say that I’m obsessed.

When Tangled came out in 2010, I was so thrilled because Rapunzel had always been my favorite princess when I was little. I had dreams of being her, even as a child. So when Disney released Tangled, I was so scared they would ruin her story.  But, I was pleasantly surprised and loved it. I really wanted to have Rapunzel’s dress and long hair, but knew that was just a silly fantasy.

Then I got introduced to the [interestingly weird] world of cosplay. And everything changed. A few years ago, my mom, who is an incredible seamstress, promised me that she would make me a Rapunzel dress….life got busy and it just kind of didn’t happen.  Then, about a year ago, we started to actually research what would go into making it. We found the right fabrics and laces and trims and…

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No Sew Cosplay: Clementine from The Walking Dead


Because he taught me to be strong. Even when I’m scared. Because he wanted me to live.

Hat: Who doesn’t love Clem? She’s a child that’s thrust into a horrible situation, trying to make the most of it and learning to be tough along the way in order to survive. And if you love Clem, you know how important her trademark hat is to her. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get her hat either, fortunately. I found one for only $10 that had pretty awesome reviews here. The only consistent comment is that the hat is a bit on the larger side but it has tabs for adjustments. It would be fairly easy to add distressing to the hat as well so that it looks more like the hat here on Etsy. Remember, this cosplay is from Walking Dead 2 so it’s important the hat look like it’s been through a lot.


Undershirt: It’s surprisingly difficult to find the perfect shirt for this. I managed to find one that wasn’t on the cheaper side, but had the closest look and color pallet, here. I’ve also seen some cosplayers that used darker purple shirts like this one and pulled it off nicely as well. The undershirt should poke out a little from the bottom under the purple shirt that you’ll be wearing on top. Most cosplayers that have success with making themselves look like Clem that I have seen have then added in the black lines where folds are to make themselves appear like the Walking Dead video game. Don’t forget to wrap one of your arms with bandages if you are doing the distressed version of Clem later in the second game.



Shirt: I actually found a baseball shirt for this one that should work pretty well! This shirt only has size small left, but keep in mind that this is a men’s shirt so it should run larger than normal anyway. The price point is actually pretty fantastic too which helps save you some money. As stated before, I would add in the black lines using fabric paint to get that look that all the characters have in The Walking Dead Video Game. You could probably also get away with using black sharpie even~!


Pants: If you don’t already have darker jeans, you should make sure to get jeans that are dark, almost black and a little faded if possible. I found these here which seem to be the proper fit as well and in black cat shine (what?!) color they look a bit textured like they could be out of a cartoon.

Sneakers: It’s pretty easy to get Clementine’s shoes down. In fact, all she is really wearing are some pure black sneakers! For me, I’m a fan of Sketchers but really it’s up to you as far as what is more comfortable for your feet.


Makeup: This awesome video below shows how to do both the normal look for Clementine as well as the bloody version.

Now you are ready to kill some zombies you tough little girl, you!

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