No Sew Cosplay: Fix-It Felix from Wreck-It Ralph


Having a hard time finding things for a cosplay of Fix-It Felix? I can fix that!

Hat: This is so easy to pull off with what some creative person on Etsy has made! I was able to find Fix-It Felix patches on MeowAboutCats’ page. Super cool! Fortunately they are also iron-on patches though you COULD sew them on if you wanted to. As for the actual hat portion, all you will need is a simple blue baseball cap like this one.


Undershirt: Felix does wear a white t-shirt underneath his main shirt, which is a pretty simple thing to find. If you don’t already have one in your closet you could purchase one like this.

Work Shirt: A standard industrial work shirt is really all you will need for this cosplay. I found one here but you have to pay attention to which shirt you are purchasing as they are missing some of the sizes in the short-sleeve version as of my blog post. This one (below) would make a good alternative though if you can’t find anything else as there is a logo on the bottom of the shirt that is a bit distracting but small.


Gloves: I am a huge fan of looking the part but also really fitting the bill. I think it’s important to get actual work gloves like these ones so you really look like how Felix would appear in real life. After all, you’re embodying the character and bringing them to life in the cosplay, so it makes sense you would want to look as close as possible to what someone would expect. Cheesy tan gloves will look just that… Cheesy. Most of the cosplayers I saw on the interwebs that I liked were ones that went with real work gloves versus bright orange costume gloves.


Hammer: I personally love the idea of getting a real hammer and just spray painting it gold, however, it really matters what convention you are going to what you can and cannot take that could be considered a weapon. As a hammer could definitely be considered a weapon, you could also craft your own fake hammer like the video below shows how to do. You will still need some sort of glittery gold paint, however, to get the proper look. This might save you some money, as a fake hammer could cost you more than a real hammer.

Tool Belt: Instead of searching for a utility belt, I went with a workers belt which makes more sense for the cosplay. I found a leather work belt. You could also get a loop hammer holder to go on the opposite side, that way the hammer is on the one side and bag on the other just like Felix has it. There is also this tool bag that more closely matches the color of the belt. I would not recommend filling the work belt with anything, as Felix only uses his hammer to fix things.



Jeans: Self-explanatory but if you don’t already have darker blue jeans a pair like this one should do nicely without breaking the bank. Make sure to roll up the bottoms of the jeans so it would be wise to purchase a size long enough so that you have the length to do so.

Work Boots: Complete the look with a pair of work boots like these ones! Just be aware that those particular boots run a bit larger in size!


And now you should be able to fix everything that you touch! Oh, my land!

Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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