No Sew Cosplay: Marceline from Adventure Time



Vampire Teeth: I mentioned this before in my Mavis from Hotel Transylvania blog, but I am not a huge fan of putting things in my mouth for long periods of time, particularly anything that has plastic. That’s why I recommend using costume vampire teeth like these that are just the canines. What I like about these is that the reviews are mostly overwhelmingly positive and customers have said that you can easily drink while still wearing them (though you should probably remove them before eating).


Pointy Ears: To get the pointed ears like Marceline has, which is difficult to see in most of the images of her, but she does have them, you will need pointed ears like these as well as spirit gum in order to hold them in place for the duration of wearing them. I recommend a combination spirit gum and remover pack like this one which is only a bit more than the spirit gum by itself.

Shirt: It’s surprisingly difficult to find a long-sleeve shirt with red and black large stripes! I finally located a few different sizes on Ebay including a size large here. I also found a men’s version here but be sure to order a size smaller but I didn’t really like how bright red this shirt was. Another alternative is this mini-dress (below) which I felt was the best choice.


Jeans: You don’t need to go out of your way to find a pair of jeans but if you don’t have one that is the right color, then a pair like these should be perfect. I recommend using a pair that you don’t wear as often anymore, as you will need to cut the bottom portion to just below your knees and then fray it. You can use sandpaper or other things to get the ripped jeans look or follow any of these steps here on how to rip your own jeans.


Flip-Flops: All you will really need are some darker blue flipflops like these to get the right look. After all, you should look almost like you just rolled out of bed and grabbed a pair of flips.


Makeup/Wig: You will obviously probably need a long dark wig like this one if you don’t already have the length or color for Marceline’s hair. You will also need a hair tie of some sort for this particular look. I usually forget to mention this but there are plenty of ways you can make your own wig cap as well to save some money just by getting a pair of pantyhose. This awesome DeviantArtist shows how to do it step-by-step!

This awesome video I found on Youtube shows how to get the look of Marceline using make-up! Don’t forget your neck, arms and legs, of course, and to make sure to put the bite marks on your neck.

Daddy, why did you eat my fries?

Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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