No Sew Cosplay: Professor Layton


This reminds me of a puzzle!

Top Hat: There are a couple of different ways you can go about doing Professor Layton’s hat. From what I’ve seen of people attempting this cosplay, however, a shorter top hat actually looks better than attempting to pull of the wild height of Professor Layton’s actual hat. That being said, I did find several stove pipe top hats which are taller than most regular top hats but my favorite by far was a regular top hat that was brown in color that is here (top picture). This (middle picture) is one of the stove pipe top hats that I mentioned so if you don’t mind the fact that it is black and not brown, this could also work nicely. I also found one on Etsy, though it is pricey in comparison, that is already finished with the orange ribbon here (bottom picture). If you pick either of the first two options you will still need some orange ribbon which you can cut and measure and apply using fabric glue. I recommend Liquid Stitch because it is a great product and will hold through a lot of wear and tear compared to other fabric glues.




Undershirt: You will need a long-sleeve orange shirt, preferably with a collar for Layton’s undershirt. I found this one which was a little bit more pricey but was exactly what I was looking for. I would watch the sizes since reviews all say that the product was too small and order up a size or two. However, there was another shirt I found that was pretty much the same at a cheaper price; my only concern being that the image itself isn’t that flattering to the product.


Jacket: There are a few different ways you could go about Professor Layton’s jacket. I found what was called a British Jacket here (top picture) which was both reasonable and price and looked to be close to what Professor Layton would wear. It is more likely, however, that he is wearing a more expensive jacket like this one (bottom picture) which seems to scream ‘English Gentleman’ more than the faux leather jacket. I recommend getting a size larger than you normally wear, as Layton wears his jacket fairly big on him.



Pants: You will need some dress pants that look professional but you don’t have to shell out an arm and a leg to do so. I found some reasonably priced dress pants here. Make sure to closely match the color of the brown between your jacket and your pants so it looks like one complete outfit. Try to stay within the same range if you are using a brown top-hat as well. I recommend keeping the size closing matching your own so that your legs appear slim and not bulky.


Shoes: It looks to me that rather than regular dress shoes, Layton is wearing something similar to an Oxford shoe, though I could be wrong. These shoes closely match what I think they are really. Maybe he wears these because they end up doing a lot of running after criminals? I have seen many cosplayers take on different interpretations of what his shoes are, however. Everything from classy black dress shoes to tennis shoes. My recommendation is to keep with “classy” or “business professional” style shoes as this would make sense for Layton to wear; not tennis shoes.


Now grab your magnifying glass and a cup of tea and get started!

Wait… This cup of tea reminds me of a puzzle, Luke!

Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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