No Sew Cosplay: Henry Morgan from Forever


How to look great at 200+ years old? Well, it’s a long story…

Undershirt:It’s like the key to cosplay to have a white undershirt like this one here. Seriously. Why do they all have white undershirts?

Tie: This particular version of Henry Morgan doesn’t need a tie. If you decide to do any of his other outfits though, this might be a necessity.

Vest: The vest should be along the same lines of color as the jacket, or a tad darker navy blue. One like this should do very nicely. You should make sure to attach the chain for your pocket watch to one of the buttons on your vest for accuracy.


Jacket: A navy blue blazer isn’t all that difficult to find. I found this one right here which was a pretty reasonable price. For this particular outfit, Henry Morgan has a handkerchief folded and sticking out of his jacket pocket. Fortunately there are videos like the one below that show you how to properly fold one for this purpose.


Scarf: There are tons of options if you are going for a scarf for Henry Morgan. For this particular outfit he’s wearing a red crimson scarf like this one (top picture). I also found one that was a bit more expensive but had a richer red color here. Make sure to never go anywhere without your scarf, including crime scenes.


Pants: You shouldn’t have to spend an absolute fortune on this cosplay. These pinstripe navy dress pants should be perfect and aren’t outrageously expensive. The others that I looked at were pretty steep in price. Of course, these used to be $135 now reduced to $35 at the time of this blog post and there is only one size left. The other idea would be to look on Ebay for similar items with your size. Worst case, these (below) work too and are in all sizes but you’d be shelling out more for them. They are also a better shade of Navy based on the image. I recommend having a plain black belt for the pants.


Pocket Watch: You will, of course, also need a pocket watch to go in your pocket like this one though I also found this cheaper one on sale. I actually think the cheaper one would be better as the numbers are roman numerals like Henry’s.



Cell Phone: Make sure to toss your cell phone into the East River. Who needs it when civilized conversation should happen face-to-face.

Shoes: You should really only need some black dress shoes for this cosplay, though it seems like Henry is wearing Oxford shoes like these ones.

And now all you need to do is spout out information that would take ten lives to learn and confuse all your friends, and you will be a perfect Henry Morgan! Of course, you probably… Won’t be recognized at all on a convention floor so this cosplay might be better suited for a costume party, etc.

Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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