No Sew Cosplay: Marshall Lee from Adventure Time


There’s not a huge amount of difference in the lot of the steps here if you want to cosplay as Marshall Lee instead of Marceline. The main difference is that you’ll be a bad boy!

Vampire Ears: These pointed elf ears should do a good job to replicate Marshall Lee’s own pointy vampire ears. You will need spirit gum and  possibly also remover for this. There is a combo pack you can get with both for a reasonable price. I’ve used this one before and like it!


Vampire Teeth: Once again, I’d get these guys for your vampire teeth as they have some pretty good reviews and you can drink while wearing them. Though I found out through the video I posted from youtube below under the makeup section that you could also get fake nails and trim them down to the size of your mouth and apply those instead.

Jacket: Most of the cosplayers that I see that have done a good job with this cosplay have used a plaid red jacket like this one for their cosplay. I saw a few that attempted to simply paint black or greenish black lines down the jacket to look closer to the actual jacket that Marshall has on, but I think that plaid look more realistic and better rather than trying to get it exact in this situation.


Jeans: Some regular straight fit jeans like these ones here should work perfectly find for the cosplay. Definitely make sure to roll up the ends of the jeans though. I thought it was also ironic that there are Lee’s jeans since he is Marshall Lee. Hah!


Shoes: You will definitely need converse shoes to pull of Marshall’s look. My suggestion are to get the Converse All Star as they have the white circle like the ones Marshall is wearing. I liked the ones pictured below because they are also slightly faded red which is closer to what Marshall has.


Makeup/Wig: Though this wig doesn’t have reviews yet, I like that it could be easily spiked and is also reasonable price wise. This wig here though looks like it has more layers and could give you a more “bad boy” style if you spike it up even more. I also found this awesome video on how to do Marshall Lee’s makeup.

Guitar: While I did find Marshall Lee’s guitar for sale here on Etsy, and it looks freakin’ fantastic, if you have the time to spare you could save a lot of money by making your own by using tutorials like I found. This one might not play at the end but it still looks fantastic. If you are really crafty then you could even get a real guitar and modify it like this awesome person did here:

Now you can be evil without even trying!

Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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