No Sew Cosplay: Scarlet Overkill from Despicable Me


Have any of you ever dreamed of working for the greatest super villain of all time?!

Sunglasses: In some parts of the movie, Scarlet is wearing a pair of oversize white trim sunglasses like these vintage style pair. Honestly, these are not a make-it-or-break-it item. If you don’t want to get these, it’s not going to hurt your cosplay in the least.


Choker Necklace: Finding a solid black choker necklace isn’t really that hard. Instead of going the leather route though, which might look strange, I would probably opt to use a satin black fabric like this one.

Gloves: Keeping with the same look as the choker, you’d want to go with something velvet or satin for the long dress gloves. I liked the length that these gloves have but some reviews have left comments that the finger size can run small and might not work for everyone. These ones (pictured below) actually have better reviews though it will end up being a tad more with shipping and handling than the other gloves.


Dress: You could easily spend a lot of money trying to get the dress for Scarlet perfect. I found this dress (top picture) which was a pretty penny. However, if you are willing for it to have some different alterations to it then you can save a lot. An example would be this dress (bottom picture) which has a flower on the middle but is otherwise perfect in style. You probably will need to use a crinoline in order to poof out the dress. With any of these, pay close attention to the size charts. If you still aren’t happy with those choices, I searched Ebay and Etsy but came up with no real good alternatives.



Pantyhose: Any black pantyhose should do nicely for this cosplay. Keep it on the cheaper side if you can to offset any costs from the dress.

High-heels: Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of wearing high-heels to anything. My feet hate them! But if you have to wear heels, my suggestion is to get ones with a low heel like these and wear them frequently before you go to any sort of convention or party to break them in. If you go any higher heel-wise my suggestion is to buy them in the store and try them on first.


Makeup/Wig: I have yet to find any good makeup tutorial videos for Scarlet, but you will need light purple eye shadow, black eyeliner and mascara, blush and red lipstick that matches your dress color plus potentially black eyebrow pencil. All of the wigs that I have seen that attempt to pull off the 1960’s flip style like Scarlet’s seem to be cheaply made. The best solution I could come up with for this would be to purchase a black cosplay wig and then to simply style it in the flip style. You probably won’t be able to get it as tall as Scarlet’s hair, but we’re also being realistic a bit here too which will help you come off as wearing it naturally instead of it being a cheap costume, in my opinion. Of course, styling a wig like that sounds frustrating so if you have natural black hair or are able to dye it, it might be better in this cosplay.

And now all you need are some minions and you should be able to take over the world! Oh, and steal the Queen’s crown.

Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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