Top 5 Types of FanFiction

A lot of people that are into tv shows, cartoons, anime, etc at one point or another have heard of fanfiction whether or not you are a fan. Even if you aren’t a fan, you might have at one point or another been the tiniest bit curious and taken a peak over at a fanfiction site like the infamous Don’t lie! We’ve looked at your google search history… Okay, maybe we haven’t but we’re still willing to bet! Maybe not… Cold hard money or anything but… Maybe on like… A donut? Or something? We’ll send a donut in the mail if you haven’t ever looked at a fanfiction! Alright, that’s a lie! But only because we wouldn’t want you to get a donut that wasn’t in the best conditions. Ahem…

Regardless if you are a fan of fanfiction, have gotten curious enough to take a peak, or have no clue what we’re even talking about; we’re about to count down the five types of fanfiction that you will probably see anywhere you look!

5.) Mary Mary Quite Contrary: Oh, I see that you have introduced a new character! Oh, I see that they are the long lost cousin of the protagonist. Oh, I see that they are somehow better in every single way than the protagonist, his/her friends and has an almost unsettling amount of knowledge and capabilities that make anyone and everyone look like they need to just give up now because there is no way they’ll catch up to their level of amazing. These stories were written essentially for the author to insert his/her self into the show with no limitations on their character whatsoever. They can be frustrating, down right mind-numbing and are really more of a fanfiction written for the author’s enjoyment than yours.

4.) Crossovers: This is a mixed bag. On one hand, seeing your favorite characters from different shows, movies, etc can be enjoyable. On the other hand, it doesn’t work for everything. Some pairings are fantastic and even sort of make sense in a weird sort of way! For instance, a Simpsons and Futurama fanfiction would make perfect sense and the characters have even crossed over on the actual show. Something that might not make sense? Well… Explain to me why anyone would crossover Avatar the Last Airbender and Saw? No… Yeah, it’s a real thing! Someone wrote this!

3.) Poorly Written: Whether it’s just a bad idea from the get-go or the grammar and spelling make this fanfiction too difficult to blunder through, these fanfictions somehow lure us in. Whether it’s because we’re morbidly curious or somehow the actual description for the fanfiction seemed entertaining, once you click inside you are disappointed. Usually it’s glaringly obvious from the very start but sometimes it can creep up on you as the fanfiction takes a turn and characters start dissolving in their personalities and do things that don’t make sense. Or the plot unfurls and is not what you signed up for…

2.) The Let Down: This is the type of fanfiction that might not necessarily be the most amazingly well written or even might be well written, but has enough of a plot and grasps the characters well enough that by the time that you realize you are hooked you’ve found the very last chapter. That’s when you start looking to see when the next chapter will be coming out! The problem is the fact that it’s currently 2015. Yes, that’s a problem because the very last time that the author updated the story was back in 2010… Crap! You’ve already invested time and effort into the fanfiction and now your brain is racking itself attempting to come up with a fanfiction for the fanfiction? Send help!

1.) Perfect In Every Way: This fanfiction has the perfect blend of good spelling, grammar (or at least the mistakes are so minuscule that they can be overlooked) and plot. The characters talk and act in a way that is typical for them even if they aren’t necessarily in their typical universe or surroundings. It’s a believable story-line as well and keeps you on your toes. The chapters aren’t so short that it’s not worthy of being called a chapter and not too long that it becomes a long ramble. You’re left feeling like you watched another great episode of your show and you feel complete after finishing! Of course, this story also has an ending or a planned out sequel for more enjoyment.

So, what did you think? Are there other types of fanfiction that we missed that you thought should be in the top 5? Which fanfiction stories are your favorite? Leave a comment down below!


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