No Sew Cosplay: Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time



Ruling the Candy Kingdom is a big responsibility and jazz but it’s definitely possible.

Crown: The cool thing is that you don’t have to make this at all if you don’t want to. The crown is for sale all over the place from different artisans. While expensive, my favorite that I came across was this one (pictured below) from Etsy seller SpaceInvader. This one from UniqueCosplayProps is a bit cheaper however! There are also many tutorials out there on how to make your own.


Jacket: Arguably much better if you took the time to sew for this cosplay, there is a way to pull this off without touching a sewing machine! You will need a cropped jacket hoodie like this one, fabric paint to paint on the detail of the pink stripe running through the middle and white trim. If you want to take the time to actually cut out the fringe on the jacket, I recommend using a fray block on the edges to keep strings and frays from happening.


Shirt: Instead of the jacket, you could definitely go with the rock shirt that Princess Bubblegum wears later on in the episode where this outfit is featured.You can actually purchase the shirt from a seller named WhoooBite on Etsy here! You will still need to wear something light pink with long sleeves underneath, however. Personally, since this is a slim fit shirt, I would order a size up than normal so it will fit correctly over all the other layers and still appear big.



Dress: You’ll need a pink swing dress like this one for her dress. The cool thing is that this one I’m linking to has amazing reviews on Amazon, as well as some reviewers that have posted pictures of themselves wearing the dress for reference on length.


Capri Leggings: I found these leggings that have reviews saying that they run super short, which works here for us for the reason that you want some space between your leggings and your pink boots, if possible. If for some reason the boots and the leggings don’t allow for a space on your legs, it should still work out just fine though.

Boots: These boots (top picture) look so adorable that I would wear them even when not cosplaying as Princess Bubblegum. Some reviews say that the shaft is slender, so you might want to check the sizing and order up a size if need be. An alternative that wouldn’t cost you as much would be these boots (bottom picture) though I’m not sure how I feel about the extra buckles. The color IS closer, however.



Makeup/Wig: I’m a huge fan of EpicCosplay wigs and found one already styled up into a ponytail here! You will also need a hair scrunchy like this one. 


I’ll eventually be doing my own cosplay tutorial video after I do PB as a cosplay in the future, but in the meantime, I found this awesome tutorial video on Youtube:

And if you didn’t miscalculate, you should look just like PB herself!

Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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