Nerdy Items: Mopeez?

The other day I walked into Hot Topic in the mall and realized just how many little beanie characters they had; all superheroes. They had Batman, Captain America, Deadpool and even the Incredible Hulk!


I’m not a sponsor but these cute little guys are just so adorable, that I couldn’t resist getting one for myself to take home! He’s currently chilling on my bookcase.


After further research, I found out that FunKo is the same company responsible for the POP! Vinyl characters. Which makes sense no looking at the style which is very similar. They’ve got pretty much all the characters you could think of from Marvel, DC, Disney, etc. They’ve even got Stan Lee himself! The line for the Mopeez isn’t as extensive just yet, but they already have a ton of Marvel, DC and Nightmare Before Christmas characters. ‘Nuff said!



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