5 Items To Take to a Convention

It’s hard to remember to come prepared to a convention. You’re pumped up and focused on your cosplay, if you are doing one, or what events you are planning on going to or which celebrities you’re going to line up to meet. But it’s important to remember to take care of yourself and not leave yourself in a bad position. These are 5 things that I would recommend not forgetting before you go to a convention.

1.) Cash: Usually there are ATM’s at a convention, but you could face charges to your account for withdrawing from certain ATMs. Typically the ATMs in a convention hall DO cost extra. I would recommend getting cash ahead of time from your bank or an ATM that does not charge to save money. A lot of vendors these days do take credit cards but a lot of artisans might not have the capability.

2.) Snacks: There is really nothing stopping you at a lot of conventions from bringing your own snacks. This will save you in the long term a lot of money that you can then put toward purchasing merch. I recommend bringing things that are high in protein with you as well as a few water bottles depending on if you have enough storage in a bag, etc.

3.) Touch-up Makeup: Things can go wrong with a cosplay. It’s important to bring some touch-up makeup with you so that you can fix your face if needed. This only really applies if you are doing a cosplay, of course. This also applies to body paint, etc that might rub off. You don’t want to be in a position where you’re having to track down something at the convention.

4.) Band-aids: Of course you might not need these at all, but I would always have band-aids available, particularly at a convention. You never know if you’re going to start having your shoes rubbing your feet the wrong way, for one. Band-aids are a good temporary buffer between your shoe and a sore spot to keep yourself from experiencing a lot of pain. Always take these especially if you are wearing shoes you don’t typically wear. Remember, convention halls involve a ton of walking.

5.) A Bag: Whether or not your cosplay really has a bag/backpack/purse included, it’s a good idea to bring one. You need something in order to store your stuff, even if it’s just for your wallet and merchandise that you might purchase. You should always make sure your bag is zipped shut or closed, however, as being in crowds could always open you up for the possibility of theft unless you are taking precautions. Remember, if you are posing for pictures you can always set the bag down, but always have an awareness of where it is at any point and keep it close to you at all times.

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What important things do you always make sure to bring with you to a convention?


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