No Sew Cosplay: Emmy from Professor Layton


I’ve got a puzzle for you, Professor!

Bow-tie: It’s pretty much easy to find a light pink bow-tie for Emmy! But most likely, you’ll need to purchase one made for a guy, versus a woman, as most women’s bow-ties have the strands as well, which Emmy does not have.


Undershirt: Pretty much any white dress shirt should do for this cosplay!

Trench Coat: It was actually surprisingly difficult to find a good yellow trench coat. Fortunately the one that I discovered on Ebay here has a smaller amount of buttons, which is important and from the pictures you can clearly tell that the belt is most likely able to slide out of the belt loops. It might be sewn in the back seam, however. If so, all you would have to do would be to loop it a bit or knot it a tad and then use the regular brown belt over it. The fabric is the same color, so it will blend in even if left to hang. I also particularly liked this coat choice because the fabric seems to blend in at the bottom, making it almost like there is no part. I could not locate anything that was a trench coat/dress mash-up so my assumption is that Emmy is wearing a trench coat anyhow. These coats come from China, so I would caution you to closely read the size charts.


Belt: There is nothing simpler in this outfit than the very basic brown belt that Emmy has! One like this should do though really any regular brown belt will do. The most important part about this is actually getting a bag that will attach to the belt, to be worn on the back. It’s easy to overlook, but Emmy has a bag similar to this one here that she wears with all her essentials inside. The cool thing about this bag I found is that it can be worn both as a satchel as well as on the belt.


Tights: You could go with either leggings or tights, but I would recommend tights since you are wearing tall boots. Any white tights that aren’t thin should do.

Boots: While it’s more stylistic, it’s safe to assume that Emmy’s boots are most likely riding boots. She does ride a scooter, after all. I liked these ones mostly because of the many color choices (cognac is my favorite since Emmy’s shoes appear brownish black/green) and the fact that they are pretty simplistic and not decorated. They also have really good reviews!


And now you’re ready to help Layton solve puzzles and kick some major butt while doing it!

Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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