No Sew Cosplay: Winry from FullMetal Alchemist



Earrings: For Winry, you have a few choices. If you are like me though, you probably aren’t going to run out and pierce your ears just for a cosplay. So, if you don’t have or want to pierce your ears, your options narrow down to fake earrings. Winry wears two small silver studs on her left ear and two round hoops on both ears.

Bandana: All you need is a solid green bandanna, and you should be good! Of course, you want to make sure that the bandanna is large enough to cover your head with room to tie it off in the back with a knot and still have extra fabric hanging down. I personally like the blue turquoise bandanna here as it is dark enough for the bandanna. My main issue with it, is that the price is kind of high. Now this one is a bit cheaper at the time of the posting but it is 2 inches smaller on either side.

Tube Top: Fortunately, you won’t be dishing out a lot of $ in order to afford the tube top for this outfit. In fact one like this should be pretty good. I would definitely go with a tube top and not a sports bra, as you want to have an extra layer of protection.


Jacket: I liked that this jacket had the correct color and pockets for Winry, as she’s wearing a lighter beige mechanics outfit with two breast pockets. though this jacket works best in this cosplay being tied around your waist and therefore won’t be as noticed, it still could be worn and not break the cosplay.

Gloves: I managed to find some reasonably priced brown work gloves here for Winry which also have excellent reviews.


Pants: Not too hard to find, all you need for this outfit are some light beige cargo pants with drawstrings at the ends. Ones like these should be pretty perfect!

Flip-Flops: About as soon as I saw these I was pretty sure they were perfect for Winry’s shoes. The great reviews also tell me that these would be comfortable shoes to walk around a convention hall in and not want to get prosthesis for your legs afterward.


Makeup/Wig: I recommend going super easy on the makeup for Winry. She’s a bit of a tomboy so I would at the very most use eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow to make your eyes pop plus foundation and a little bit of blush. You could use some lip gloss versus lip stick for her lips, however. They also make wigs already styled into Winry’s ponytail like this one. However, my personal favorite wig company is Epic Cosplay and they have a blond wig that’s a tad more expensive but probably worth the upgrade in price (factor in that the first option I presented has a huge shipping and handling cost).

And with that you should be able to maybe also help repair some cosplay malfunctions at the con? Well, probably not.

 Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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