No Sew Cosplay: Himiko from Btooom!


You requested it! So here she is… Himiko from Btooom!

Shirt: It’s like a staple in a lot of cosplays to have a white dress shirt. You might as well get one now.

Tie: With the tie, you want to get as close to the same style of camo as your skirt as possible. Since we aren’t sewing any of this, then we’re relying on matching the two which can be a little bit of a challenge. After picking out the skirt that I would go with for this cosplay, I found that this one was fairly close. I also found one that matched the first skirt I kept stumbling upon that I didn’t feel had the correct camo style. Of course, this one was absolutely perfect for the skirt that I liked, but it’s a boy’s tie so probably very small in size though that might give you the shortness you need without having to tie it in the back as much.


Tie Pin: Whether you’re going off of the manga, where Himiko is wearing a skull on her tie like this one which is 1″ long with crossbones, or the anime where Himiko is wearing a half skull pin like this one it’s pretty easy to also paint it on the tie itself with fabric paint. I tried looking up patches to iron on, but they have a black outline I feel would make it look strange on the tie. I think you would be fine doing either, though I’ve seen more people paint it on to give it that animated feel.

Bag: Honestly, this part is probably the most difficult aspect of this cosplay. The bags could definitely be optional and the cosplay still recognizable but there are cosplay prop companies that have her bag like this one. The thing that I don’t like about the bag options from the cosplay companies is that the belt is totally different. At that point, I would recommend getting regular white fanny packs like this pack of 3 for cheaper. I would just add the detail work with dark grey fabric paint if you want to get that trim look she has. As for the little device that I found out is called a Cracker, that little guy could easily be made using a Styrofoam ball spray painted with metallic silver and crimson red paint for the eye to look like one. You could probably use pins or something stuck into it at various points to give it the look like this person on DeviantArt did. They apparently sprayed it black first then added chrome on top.


Skirt: It’s actually fairly difficult to find a camouflage pleated skirt when you go to start looking! At least one that has the type of camo pattern I was looking for. Too many of the ones that I found online were loud and obnoxious pattern wise including this one here. Finally, I found a vintage camo miniskirt sold by a person on Etsy here that seems pretty perfect! The only issue is the wrap-around portion distracted from the actual pleats? But the pattern is pretty much spot on.


Socks: Finding some black knee-high socks is probably the easiest portion of the cosplay. I found these pair which are on the cheaper side of the spectrum though they don’t have any reviews yet. These, however, are more but have excellent reviews. Ultimately, it’s really up to what you prefer.

Loafers: It really depends on which version you are looking at with Himiko. If you go by her manga version, the colorized picture I posted above has her actually wearing black loafers as opposed to the anime where she is wearing brown.

Nico Nico Yuza Love Live! Shoes

Wig: All you need is a blond wig like this one and you should be good to go!

 Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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