One Piece: Sanji’s Pirate Restaurant

If you’ve ever dreamed of being served by Sanji from One Piece, then perhaps taking a trip to Osaka, Japan and visiting Universal Studios Japan (USJ) might be something you need to do in your lifetime. This website goes into the detail so explain a bit about the Restaurant.

“At the Adult Theme Park, Universal Studios Japan, this year also from July 3rd, 2015 will also feature “One Piece Premiere Summer“. One Piece is without a doubt having large increases in event and show features!!

This year, like every year, it will be featured at the Adult Themed “Sanji’s Pirate Restaurant”. Furthermore this year it will also be a power up, what with Sanji finishing up the cooking right in front of your eyes!”

Pretty exciting, right? I think if I had enough money I’d already be booking a flight just in order to see Sanji cooking a fantastic meal right in front of me. I mean, come on? How could you pass that up!?

It seems that the show ends on 9/30/15, but most of the the actual attractions like Sanji’s Restaurant are already closed. But, with it having expanded and more One Piece features coming to USJ, it’s very likely that it will continue to come back.


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