Laughable Adult Halloween Costumes

I might be getting pumped up for Halloween a lot earlier than most, but it’s caused me to research and look at a lot of Halloween costumes. In my defense, each year it seems that retail stores push Halloween on us earlier and earlier. Regardless, during my research into Halloween costumes, I’ve found some truly laughable Adult Halloween Costumes. Everything from the truly ridiculous to the so slutty there’s hardly any fabric to it.

1.) The ‘You Could Have Bought These Pieces and Made it Look Better’ Costume:

Scooby-Doo’s Fred Jones [Costume Express]
I <3 Nerds [Oriental Trading]
Where’s Waldo? [Party City]
2.) The ‘You’re Really Wearing Pajamas’ Costume

Star War’s Darth Vadar [Party City]
Despicable Me Minion [Party City]
3.) The ‘We Took Out a Ton of Fabric to Make This Slutty’ Costume

Sleeping Beauty’s Aurora [Party City]
Nightmare Before Christmas’ Jack Skellington [Party City]
4.) The ‘This Actually Doesn’t Even Look Close’ Costume

Aladdin’s Princess Jasmine? [Party City]
Guardians of the Galaxy’s Groot [Party City]
5.) The ‘Please Don’t Step Out of the House Looking Like That’ Costume

Family Guy’s Stewie [Party City]
Shrek [Party City]

Gives me another appreciation for all those hard working cosplayers!

What are some ridiculous costumes that you’ve seen?

Who are you going as for Halloween?


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