5 Stages of Youtube

Stage #1: Find some cool, interesting channels that pertain to your immediate interest. Begin to subscribe to a few users here and there and follow some of their videos. Thumbs up random videos and forget to thumbs up consistently because it might just be playing in the background.

Stage #2: You’re actively following certain channels and looking for new ones. You might have started to branch out and try other Youtube channels based on the fact that one or two of the members have been in videos with the person you already follow. You might not always leave comments, but you thumbs up almost all of the videos you like. Or thumbs them down if you dislike them.

Stage #3: You just watched all of the videos from the channels you like, including all of the older uploads since they first started, in a marathon.

Stage #4: Caught up now, you refresh the Subscription area hoping to discover new and exciting content that the people you are subscribed to have uploaded.

Stage #5: You’re on their channel refreshing the webpage just in case somehow the subscription notifications missed the fact that they have new videos up. And what day is it anyway?

Send help.


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