No Sew Cosplay: Sam from Until Dawn

It’s difficult to find good images for Sam, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t attempt this awesome cosplay idea. I’m not going to leave you out in the cold but attempt to help you make her complete outfit!

Towel: All you need is a white towel wrapped around you!

Nah, just kidding.

Hat: This is a completely optional piece, as Sam only wears this in the very beginning of the game while outside in the snow, the hat she is wearing is a Russian one like this one once you remove the mask. This option was the best pricing wise I could locate. I’m positive that the mask is either detachable, or you could just cut it off.



Scarf: Sam wears a textured red scarf like this one. While this one is an infinity scarf, you could still wrap it in a manner to match how she has her scarf. I liked the fact that this scarf wasn’t as huge as another one I found that matched the look and was also better on the budget for the outfit. Though the scarf would also be optional, since she does take it off while inside, I would recommend having it since the red will serve to help identify the character.



Jacket: Wearing a black leather bomber jacket for the beginning of the game, Sam has various pockets on the sleeves as well like this jacket has.


Shirt: Sam wears a purple v-neck shirt like this one and a black lace tank top that we can barely see protruding from the top.

Skirt: While I’ve seen some cosplayers or people linking to skirts for Sam like this one this is actually NOT the same type of skirt that Sam wears and will make the outfit a lot less identifiable, in my opinion. With such a subtle outfit, I would make sure to get as close as humanly possible to the actual skirt. Of course, finding one is easier said than done. I managed to find a similar looking skirt, though the skirt is more ruffled than frilled, on Ebay. I also found this one but it’s too difficult to tell the length (frills seem too close together) and it seems too short so I would go with the first.

EDIT: The listing on the first skirt ended. This one is the closest I could find!

Until Dawn™_20150903210213


Leggings: Pretty simple; all you will need is a pair of black leggings like these ones. Just… Don’t go trouncing out into the snowy mountains in the skirt and leggings because you might freeze to death in your lower region.


Socks: After pausing some shots of the game, I realized that Sam is wearing white socks. If you don’t have white socks that reach up high enough, you could get a pack like this one. Make sure the socks are pulled up a bit outside of the boot.

Shoes: Funny story is that these boots came up on my suggested pages list while looking at the red scarf. I wonder if someone already purchased this outfit or if Amazon is just reading my mind now? If so, I’m a bit worried…


Nails: I am so so thrilled that the internet has things like this. There is actually a video (though it’s not in English) showing you how to paint your nails just like Sam’s!

Makeup: I found another video (not in English) on how to do Sam’s makeup.

And now you should look a lot like Sam! Grab your bat and start hitting psycho’s that you come across.


 Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


2 thoughts on “No Sew Cosplay: Sam from Until Dawn

  1. Nice tutorial. I’m glad that you bothered to bring up the tiered skirt buisness, not that its a moratal sin but I see plenty of casual cosplayers running around in one layer skirts. If an outfit is this simple then why skip on the details right? Though something that surprised me is that her shoes are supposed to be grey but u.d. lighting, you know?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad you liked the tutorial! Sorry that this reply is so late haha. I hardly ever blog anymore. But yeah, lighting made it hard back when I was making this and I also had to keep going back to gameplay footage and slowing it down to find her shoes I think. Could be why I got it wrong too from screenshots :<


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