No Sew Cosplay: Ashley from Until Dawn


There’s a lot to love about Ashley and you could look adorable like her too.

Beanie: It surprisingly did not take me long to locate a beanie that works for Ashley like this one. It has smaller stripes than Ashley’s, but overall it should still work. Oddly enough, on a different site with the same brand, they had one with less stripes (pictured below).



Locket: While Ashley is probably wearing an actual locket, silver lockets are not on the cheap side. For instance, this one on the cheaper side is almost $25. That’s when I turn to Ebay for things and found this one.

Jacket: A completely optional piece, Ashley wears a jacket almost like this one while she is outside.I would almost recommend not wearing it, since she spends the majority of the game without it anyway.

Scarf: Again, completely optional, but Ashley wears a two tone scarf like this one just while she is outside. Again, I almost would recommend not wearing this, since her other outfit would be more recognizable. Not to mention, she was also not wearing this or the jacket when she was splashed with blood from Josh (I would definitely do that for the cosplay).


Hoodie: Fortunately, it is not difficult to find a light blue hoodie like this one. I would make sure to keep the cost on this as low as possible, as I would do the version of Ashley where blood was splattered on her, effectively ruining the rewearability of the jacket. I would almost get a size too small so that it it’s long enough to reach down to your waist, as Ashley has a gap between her hoodie and her shorts where you can see her undershirt.


Shirt: Ashley has a long darker red shirt with thumb holes like this one. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find a shirt like that where the sleeve portion is also striped like hers. I think the striped texture in this one would still work well. If you really really can’t stand the slight variation (I’m a stickler for detail) then you could also just get a normal long sleeve red shirt and wear gloves with thumb holes like these.

Ring: Ashley is wearing a ring on her right hand with a green rectangular stone in it like this one. Not the end of the word if you miss this detail, however.

Shorts: Find the shortest shorts in the store and you’re pretty much good when it comes to Ashley. Seriously though… They are SHORT. These should do nicely since they already have the bottom cuff.


Black Belt: You really just need a black belt. Any black belt will do. I found this one on sale at the time of this blog posting.

Leggings: Ashley wears leggings just like Sam but in charcoal color instead of black.

Boots: I personally absolutely adore Ashley’s fur boots. They are ones that I would get a lot of wear with even after the fact. I actually had difficulty finding the right ones for this, however, which surprised me. The ones I found that I ended up liking the most were these ones but the pompoms almost ruin it for me. I’m sure there’s a way to either untie them or snip them off. If those aren’t your size, these work too. 


 Blood Splatter: All you will need is some fake blood, not pig’s blood thank goodness, and to splatter it on your clothes (predominantly on the hoodie). I would definitely take this project outside. Remember, the blood is mostly on Ashley’s left side (the side where Josh was hung). I would load up a paintbrush and flick it to create the effects. Smear some on your face and neck for an added effect.


Now, don’t waste any more time!

 Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


2 thoughts on “No Sew Cosplay: Ashley from Until Dawn

  1. Actually, Ashley is wearing a light grey sweater. It’s pretty hard to see, but I’ve played/watched others play the game numerous times. I thought it was blue at first, too, and got a blue sweater. Luckily, it wasn’t too hard to find the right colour.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Huh… It must be the lighting in several parts of the game then! When I watched Markiplier’s playthrough I swore it looked light blue. Weird. Well, regardless I’m glad you found the right color! =)


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