No Sew Cosplay: Chris from Until Dawn


You asked, and you shall receive.

Boom. Butterfly effect!

Glasses: Nerdy black glasses are fortunately very easy to find and these ones have good reviews to boot. The pictures I saw of customers wearing them also show that they are about the right size and shape to Chris’ glasses.


Outer Jacket: It turns out that Chris has some pretty expensive taste. The jacket that he is wearing is a fur hooded parka jacket, which typically can cost a pretty penny. I found this one which just so happens to be half the price that it used to be, at least. It’s still not cheap, however, and will probably be the most costly piece of the cosplay if you choose to add it. That’s right, you don’t have to get Chris’ jacket to pull off this cosplay as he is shown in the game off and on wearing it. I did turn my attention to Ebay to see if I could find one for less. Though it’s not as good of quality, this one is a lot less but it’s difficult to tell if the entire lining is orange/yellow which could affect how good the cosplay looks.



Cardigan: Once again, Chris shows off the fact that he is a nerd with some cash to spend on his wardrobe. He’s wearing a zip-up cardigan like this one. The main issue I have with this cardigan is that, looking at the details, Chris’ cardigan actually has a chest pocket as well as shoulder and elbow pads like this sweater (note this one has no zipper which is important for the cosplay to have). This will not be noticeable if you have on his jacket, of course, but will be once you take it off or if you forego the jacket entirely. Fortunately, they are smaller details that I think you can get away with not having and still pull the cosplay off. You want to wear this with the zipper far down.


Jacket: How many layers does this guy have, exactly? Jeez, Chris. Share a jacket with Ashley or something will yah? It appears that Chris is wearing yet another jacket under his cardigan. This time, it’s a jean jacket though like this one. It’s hard to tell what color it is but it appears to be either light blue or a medium blue. You want to leave the jacket unbuttoned all the way down, and the fabric poking out from under the cardigan if possible.



T-Shirt: Interestingly enough, I don’t think there was ever a time in the entire game that we actually see the detail of the white t-shirt that Chris is wearing. So, whatever it says exactly is not clear. Some of what we can see are the letters ‘c’ and ‘h’ in that order. There is also a bit of font underneath. In trying to search for details on Chris’ shirt, I stumbled across this site that offers Until Dawn t-shirts. They have some white shirts and one even has a bubble with #theresafreakinghostafterus! Unfortunately, I couldn’t locate any real details on what his actual shirt says. So, either you could go with a white t-shirt that is completely plain or get one similar.


Watch: Chris is wearing a regular black watch like this one. If you don’t have one, I’d just worry about getting a cheap one and don’t fret about the details too much as it will mostly be under your cardigan anyhow.

Pants: Nothing special here, thank goodness. Chris is wearing a normal pair of blue jeans. Fortunately, this can help cut some of the cost down of the cosplay if you already happen to have a pair of jeans. If not, get the cheapest pair that you possibly can to help offset the rest. I would make sure to keep it on the darker side though.

Shoes: Chris wears brown to black ankle boots like these ones. You might also be able to find these at a thrift store, to offset more of the cost of the jackets. Of course, the only time you really see his shoes is if you step on that branch when you’re with The Stranger. Otherwise, they’re cast in so much shadow that it’s impossible to tell. It almost looks like he might have his socks pulled up as well? Not sure about this detail.


Makeup: This video I found shows you how to make fake bruises, which will allow you to recreate Chris’ bruised forehead as well.


You don’t have to ask a Ouija board if you did a good job or not, hopefully!

 Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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