No Sew Cosplay: Josh from Until Dawn


Let’s make this night memorable and party like we’re p-

Just Joshing yah.

Beanie: Though he doesn’t wear his winter outfit for long, since the others have all their clothing options, I figured I should delve into Josh’s. I don’t think you need the beanie or the vest to complete this cosplay, but it’s an option for you nevertheless.  Fortunately, a beige beanie is not that hard to find. I particularly like this one, because it has some chunky knit portions in it that kind of capture the ones that Josh has, even if they are going horizontally instead of vertically.


Vest: Wearing a Khaki Winter Vest like this one originally, Josh has this on only for the beginning when he is first introduced. You could definitely get away with not having it, as I said with the beanie, but it also does not detract from the cosplay really, since you can still see the bottom layers that Josh wears pretty clearly. Fortunately, either way this piece is not all that expensive!


Shirt: Josh’s more trademark piece for his outfit is his grey plaid shirt. The real main thing about this is to make sure that, no matter what, you’re getting a one that has long sleeves or it definitely won’t look right. I also liked this one almost a bit more but didn’t like the price as much. You want to make sure you have this unbuttoned and the sleeves rolled up past the elbow.


Polo: Josh wears a dark grey or brown long sleeve polo shirt like this one or this one here. This one doesn’t have any reviews yet but is well priced. You want to have the sleeves rolled up to just a little bit below the elbow.


Bracelets?: Josh appears to be wearing two bracelets on his right wrist though it is super hard to get a good look at what they are exactly. Since we don’t really know exactly what they look like you could do something like get this two pack of bracelets, wear some of your own, etc. This one, however, might be closer to what Josh is ACTUALLY wearing, since his seems to have some sort of amulet or inscription in the center of one.


Pants: Josh is wearing darker blue jeans that have a regular fit. If you don’t already have a pair, then some like these should be good. What is with no one in this game wearing enough clothes for their legs in the snowy mountain tops? I’d freeze to death.


Shoes: I went back and rewatched playthroughs of the game to see if I could figure out what type of shoes Josh is wearing, besides in the later part of the game. Unfortunately, there are not very clear scenes where his shoes are in shot. He seems to be wearing just plain black shoes.

Now give yourself a high-five!


Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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