No Sew Cosplay: Mike from Until Dawn


Whoa, easy there, cowboy!

It’s hard to decide between Mike’s outfit choices, but ultimately, I think that the outfit he has at the end of the game is the most recognizable. Here, I decided to real quickly go over both, since it wouldn’t make the article too long.

Vest: When Mike first appears, he is wearing a blue vest that buttons up in the front. This is pretty easy to find and you really won’t have to spend a fortune on it. Thank goodness for another member of the crew that doesn’t have expensive taste. Yeah, I’m looking at you, Chris. Now, you don’t need this piece at all if you are doing Mike’s second outfit. You will, however, need the hoodie that goes with it.



Hoodie: It actually didn’t take me that long to find a hoodie that might work for this. I say “might” because, unfortunately, the seller doesn’t show the other side of the reversible hoodie at all, so it’s difficult to tell if the entire reverse side with the pattern we need is continuous or not. Fortunately, I found an alternative (pictured below) after a little bit of searching. Again, you don’t need this piece if you are doing Mike’s second outfit but you will need the vest that goes along with it.


Air Force Jacket: In the second half of the game, Mike is wearing a green Air Force jacket. I’ve seen people call this a combat or army jacket, but I think that the logo that he has on the jacket is closest to the Air Force logo. I could be wrong, however. Regardless, this jacket is super close to what you would need. I found this exact same one cheaper on Ebay as well. Of course, this jacket is older so you want to probably rough it up. I found this wikia article on how to make clothes look old and worn. 



Undershirt: No matter which outfit choice you decide to go with, Mike is wearing a white tank top underneath. Now, this won’t be visible for the first outfit, but with the second, he’s gotten it dirty, sweaty and just altogether gross by this point. You don’t need to start running a marathon before each convention though, hopefully. There are enough sweaty people in the gaming rooms, typically. Instead, there are ways to make your clothing look dirty.


Pants: For jeans, Mike is wearing a pair of regular fit jeans. They seem to have some fade on them by the end of the series.

Shoes: I nearly forgot about Mike’s shoes. Mike seems to be wearing brown boots like these ones.

Fingers: If you want to go for that look like Mike has after his… Machete accident, well, that’s actually feasible! I found an awesome video tutorial that someone did showing you how to make it appear like you sliced off a finger. This person is absolutely amazing! You could also simply wrap your hand with a bandage after applying some stage blood to it, to make it appear like your fingers were chopped. They use stage blood like this.

Makeup: If you want to go for that beat up Mike look, you can follow some videos on how to give yourself a look like you have a black eye or scratches on your face.


Jesus, hot sauce, Christmas cake, this is unbelievable… Now you look like Mike!

And now, you and Wolfie are good to go kick some Wendigo butt!


Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


6 thoughts on “No Sew Cosplay: Mike from Until Dawn

  1. I love all your Until Dawn cosplay ideas. One thing to note: the jacket Mike is wearing (the one he picks up in the sanatorium) is an M-65 Field Jacket (the type US Army soldiers wore in Vietnam). These are readily available from a number of sources, including two of the original contractors. They can be found on eBay, but the least expensive new jackets can be purchased from Rothco here:


    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoy them! I try to get as close as I can to the outfit without also breaking someone’s bank. @__@ You’re definitely right about the jacket! I can’t find one with the logo on it though. =(


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