No Sew Cosplay: Hannah from Until Dawn

Until Dawn™_20150825132301

I am such an idiot… I was so dumb. I almost forgot about Hannah and Beth!

Well, all you have to do is get some makeup and make yourself look like this.


Makeup: There are actually makeup tutorials out there for making yourself look like a Wendigo! I found this awesome one below.

Just kidding. Maybe. Maybe you could merge the regular Hannah outfit with the Wendigo makeup? I think that would be the coolest thing ever. Anyhow, moving on.

Glasses: I liked how these cosplay glasses (pictured below) that I found look like real glasses and are also a bit oversized. The cool thing is that a lot of pictures are up showing what they look like on the customers so it’s easy to get a judge if you like them. If you want to go a bit cheaper though, they have clear lens glasses like these ones that would also work.


Locket: Hannah wears a golden locket when she appears in the game, and has this locket all the way down into the mines. You don’t really have to worry about spending a fortune on this, but a locket like this should work nicely.


Jacket: For a very brief period of time, Hannah is wearing Beth’s jacket (top picture). I’m not sure if this might make the cosplay more recognizable. I also found this jacket (bottom picture), which is probably the better of the two options, but I liked the fact that the first had the zipper black like theirs.



Shirt: Hannah’s shirt is pretty specific. She’s wearing a brown, v-neck cut button up shirt. The sleeves are lace and the bottom half has two decorative patches that look almost like small mini pockets. So, of course, the very first thing I found was a pretty perfect shirt with lace but with no buttons. I also stumbled across this shirt (top picture), which at least has the correct look, though the sleeves aren’t lace and it’s missing the bottom pockets. Finally, I also found this one (bottom picture), which is sheer and actually black, so you would have to wear something underneath. I’m really not a huge fan of any of the choices, so I personally would go with the pink jacket.

Until Dawn™_20150825132330



Pants: Hannah is wearing a pair of tight fitting jeans. If you don’t already have a pair like this, then a pair like these ones here should do nicely.


Shoes: There are really not a lot of opportunities to see Hannah’s shoes. I honestly could not tell even going back and rewatching chapter 1 over and over. Whatever type of shoe she is wearing, they appear to be brown and a bit tall; at least past the ankle. Probably boots, given where they are. I really liked these ones personally, though something simple like these could work since we don’t really know.

Nails: Hannah actually also has her nails painted, which is visible while she is on the cliff with Beth.


Tattoo: Though it’s not visible under her layers of clothing, Hannah has a butterfly tattoo on her right shoulder. Maybe if you did some merge between Hannah and her Wendigo self, you could incorporate this into it for recognition. Be creative when it comes to Hannah especially if you are not in a cosplay group.


Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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