No Sew Cosplay: The Psycho from Until Dawn


Don’t you know I can smell you? I can smell your fear…

Overalls: Every great psychopath needs a good ol’ pair of overalls. Whichever ones you go for, I’d make sure that they are not stark blue or new looking at all. In fact, going with a pair of stonewashed overalls is probably the best. You can use some sandpaper to create some holes in the material and using a brush, splatter some stage blood on the overalls for authenticity.


Work Shirt: The Psycho is wearing what looks to be a work shirt. Kind of matches with the fact that they are already wearing overalls and work gloves. One like this shirt here should also have that same washed out look. The Psycho wears his sleeves rolled far back, a little bit past the elbow.


Undershirt: I never noticed this before, but the shirt that The Psycho is wearing is a brown polo shirt. It makes sense that this would be the shirt he was wearing if you… Know who he is. Which is awesomeee. Nice detail, developers! Once again, the sleeves are rolled up, but a little bit past the sleeves to his work shirt.


Gloves: It’s worth noting that the Psycho has removed anything distinguishing about them on their wrist. You can either get work gloves or go without, though I recommend having them. They are similar to these ones, from what I can tell, in that the thumb and lower half have black portions.

Tool Belt: Jo-I mean, The Psycho, is wearing a tool belt like this one here, full of supplies that they’ve used to scare the living hell out of the other characters.


Shoes: Maybe the Psycho is just a very confused construction worker? Or plumber? Regardless, he’s wearing a pair of brown work boots from the looks of it. To save on money, you might be able to find a pair like these at a thrift shop. I always have good luck with those when it comes to footwear.


Makeup: While there are no real masks out there as of yet that are completed that I know of, there are some awesome makeup artists that have been able to pull off the look. You won’t be able to peal off the mask for an epic reveal, but you’ll prob look ultra terrifying. Oh, this video is also not in English. Sorry! In my travels, I did stumble across an Etsy page advertising a pre-order for Psycho masks… But they are not finished as of yet. Either way, it’s freakin cool.


Did it work? No… No no?! LIVE AND LEARN!

Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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