No Sew Cosplay: Coraline


Halloween is just around the corner… And has your Other Mother gotten you a Halloween outfit yet?

Coraline has a multitude of outfit choices, but only two of them are recognizable as the character: her starry night sweater outfit, and her raincoat outfit.

Hair Clip: No matter your outfit choices for Coraline, you’re going to need a dragonfly hair clip. This one, fortunately, has similar colors to the one that Coraline is wearing with pink wings and a mostly green body. The problem is that there is no info on what size this is. I’d want to get one overly large in size for it to stand out. Maybe something like getting an assortment of hair clips shaped like dragonflies might work better.



Wig: And, no matter which outfit you decide to do, you’re going to need a blue wig. I always recommend Epic Cosplay wigs because I’ve been so impressed with their stuff.


Starry Night Outfit

Sweater: Only really needed if you are doing the starry night sweater. They definitely exist. The stars are not a perfect pattern like this one (top picture), however and this sweater has inverse colors from what we need… I feel teased searching for this! Instead, we could be more creative. Take a perfect sweater with a turtleneck like this one, some different sized star stencils, and some white fabric paint and customize it. Just keep the strokes light.


Pants: For this outfit, Coraline is wearing a pair of black jeans that are boot cut, most likely, because of her footwear choices.


Boots: I absolutely adore Coraline’s boots and want them for myself. You’ll need a pair of bright blue boots with heels.


Raincoat Outfit

Raincoat: Only really needed if you are doing the raincoat outfit, you will just need a standard yellow raincoat. It’s a long one reaching almost to her knees, but no longer than that. Pay close attention to sizing charts.


Shirt: Under her raincoat for this outfit version, Coraline is wearing a long sleeve shirt with stripes that’s an orange to almost pink color. That ended up being a lot harder to find than I had originally thought it would. Fortunately, if you go a bit darker, this shirt (top picture) works perfectly. I also found this shirt (bottom picture), which would probably work well because the mixture of pink and yellow is similar enough in tone but is a lot more expensive.



Jeans: For this outfit, Coraline is simply wearing a pair of blue jeans. They look like they are slim fitting and are a dark blue color. Hopefully you already have a pair that will match this, making your cosplay a lot easier.


Rainboots: All you really need for this outfit’s shoes are a pair of yellow rain boots that you can place over your own shoes of your choice. If you are doing both outfit choices, you won’t be able to wear the heels and the boots at the same time.


And now your wish to be like Coraline is probably coming true. Just remember…

Be careful what you wish for.

Film Title: Coraline

Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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