No Sew Cosplay: The Stranger from Until Dawn


So, you wanna be that Flamethrower guy also known as exposition man? Sweet.

Check out Ianbrettcooper’s version of this article, here!

Beanie: The Stranger is wearing a ribbed grey beanie like this one here. Pretty straight forward! Fortunately, this one has tons of good reviews as well.


Goggles: When I saw The Stranger’s goggles, I was instantly reminded of a lot of steampunk gear. Of course, I think his are actually supposed to be practical welding googles to protect his eyes versus being used for dress-up. While these are pretty easy to find, his are also tinted yellow to almost brown. Fortunately, you could get a pair of steampunk goggles and simply switch out the tint. You might not want to go shooting real fire with those on though… When first appearing in the game, The Stranger has these one, but when talking to the group of survivors, he has these around his neck.


Bandanna: The Stranger is wearing a bandanna when he first emerges in the game, masking much of his face and giving him the appearance of being sinister. Of course, the first one I found that was close is impossible to tell the full pattern… I’m not sure if this one is the same. Worst case, a darker colored one could be used and tied to your neck.


Necklace: It looks like The Stranger is wearing a Native American Dream Catcher Pendant necklace like this one. This one has an Eagle on it, however, which is not on The Stranger’s version. If you want a plain Dream Catcher pendant, you could always replace the chain with a black rope one instead. I’d also add a few more beads to either side as well.


Jacket: Flamethrower Guy is wearing a long green jacket that reaches almost all the way down to his knees. Keep this in mind when you are looking at jackets. A jacket like this one (top picture) would work nicely, though make sure you get sizes higher than you need in order to reach the correct length. This one (bottom picture) also seems to have the length.



Sweater: The sweater that The Stranger has on baffled me at first. I couldn’t figure out what it was until I learned about a sweater with a shawl collar thanks to Ian’s article. This is most likely what he has on, since the fabric is bunched up at the neck. Though his is maroon in color, the one I liked the most was more of a brown with a speckled, heathered, pattern. Plus the maroon one I found was only available in a size small.

Gloves: It’s safe to say that the Flamethrower Guy is most likely wearing flame resistant black gloves.

Flamethrower: Of course, lugging around a real flamethrower is… Well, bound to get you in trouble of some sort at a convention. Instead, there are videos online that can show you have to make a flamethrower prop yourself. Always make sure to read the regs and guidelines of a convention before going, so you adhere to them.

Belt: If you don’t already have one, you’ll need a brown belt.

Pants: I think that The Stranger might be wearing something along the lines of tan tactical pants like these ones which makes sense given the bagginess and the line across the knee area? To cut on cost, you could probably get away with a pair of normal tan pants or work pants.


Boots: The Stranger is wearing a pair of black snow boots which appear to have laces though I honestly had to replay videos from the game repeatedly in order to tell that.

Makeup: There are plenty of awesome makeup artists that have videos showing you how to make it look like your eye is blind and scared over. You can skip the other elements of the video that don’t apply. Just customize! Also tutorials on how to make it look like you are missing teeth.

Now, just don’t lose your head!

Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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