No Sew Cosplay: Jonathan from Hotel Transylvania


Johnnystein (Andy Samberg) in HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA, an animated comedy by Sony Pictures Animation.

Oh, I’m Jonathan! And I was just mountain climbing with some dudes. I heard this story about a spooky forest and who’s not going to go into a spooky forest, right?

Coat: You’ll need an overly large blue cat coat if you want to do Jonathan’s outfit as Frankenstein’s cousin. First, get a coat in a size that is way too large for you. Secondly, use some of these tips to make it look worn and old, including using sandpaper or rubbing off the color from the buttons.

Jersey: I have never seen a shirt that matches as closely to his as this one here (pictured above). Unfortunately, it does not have the white elements to the shirt, but you might be able to get that with fabric paint if you go over it a few times. Honestly, the character is pretty recognizable without the jersey due to his hair so you could probably get away with having the colors be slightly off. I’d get it overly large for sure but not too large. You want it to be long on you, not extremely baggy. Alternatively, this one (pictured below) is an actual jersey. I personally would go with the jersey.



Undershirt: Johnny is wearing a long sleeve orange shirt underneath of his jersey. The material seems to be lighter weight.


Pants: Jonathan wears a pair of tan to almost beige colored cargo shorts like these ones. I would get them as large as possible and maybe use a belt to keep them up to give that look like he’s swimming in the pants.


Socks: Jonathan is wearing a pair of mix-match socks. Both are white, but one of them has a blue stripe and the other an orange. Fear not! You can get a pack of socks with both colors and at the same time be set on socks for a while (also, you won’t see the sports logos when your shoes are on).


Shoes: Jonathan’s shoes are a nightmare of different colors. The top of his tennis shoes is bright blue. The trim around the edge near the tongue of the shoe is red. The sole is yellow to almost white and then green. Finally, the laces are white. Just realistically, you probably won’t find exact shoes like these anywhere. But, getting as close as possible will help boost the recognition. There are a few different tennis shoes that I found that I liked. These ones or, alternatively, these shoes have pretty good color to them. You’d have to switch out the shoe laces for white ones and the Nike swoosh is on the side, however. They are also priceyyyy! Still on the pricey side, but reduced recently, these tennis shoes (pictured below) are probably the best ones that I found but again, switch out the laces.


That outfit is killlingggg itttt!

Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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